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Teacher adopts an unique and hilarious approach to teach her student a valuable lesson

Teachers have to deal with a lot of things when it comes to students and often have to think out of the box to teach important lessons.

Teacher adopts an unique and hilarious approach to teach her student a valuable lesson
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Tima Miroshnichenko, Reddit | u/NoNinhongo12345

Teachers undergo a lot of stress in their profession because they need to be constantly calm while dealing with kids. That is why this story is important because it showcases how a teacher used a clever way to deal with a disruptive kid in class. In this story posted on Reddit by u/NoNinhongo12345, she talks about her experience teaching English as a foreign teacher in Japan. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Naomi Shi
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Naomi Shi

She starts by giving a little context about who she is and where she is from. She says that she is a 20-year-old English teacher in Japan who loves teaching kids as her job. She dives right into the story then. She gives a disclaimer saying that she has never made a kid cry. She then proceeds to talk about a kid in her class, who for the sake of the story, she calls Sam. Sam is 12 years old and is the class clown. He loves attention and would do anything and everything in his power to get it from his classmates. Now, every class has a class clown and that's alright. She says, "Now, I have experience with plenty of goofy kids and I adore them. I let them joke around all the time unless they disturb other students the way Sam does."

Talking about Sam, she says, "Sam is super disruptive and makes other students uncomfortable, to say the least." When the teacher tried telling this to her boss and coworkers, they all in some way told her that she was on her own. They did not even call Sam's parents once. So, she did what any teacher would do, she rearranged the seating in such a way that Sam was away from the boys. He wouldn't behave in the same way with girls, so there was peace for a couple of weeks. Most of what he did was complain and mumble.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Arthur Krijgsman
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Arthur Krijgsman

However, one day, because he was presumably tired of complaining, Sam spent the class yelling insults at the teacher in Japanese. As a foreign teacher, she was strictly prohibited from conversing with the kids in Japanese. While she did feel upset about how Sam was talking to her and calling her "disgusting" and "a stupid old lady" in Japanese, she knew that telling him to stop only pushed him to behave this way more. So, the 20-year-old did something else. She said, "So instead, in a loud voice I said, 'What did you say? きもい(disgusting)? What does that mean? Cute???? You think I’m cute??? Thank you!!!!'" She pretended to believe that Sam's insults were actually compliments and thanking him. While the other kids had a good laugh, Sam was so frustrated that he ended up crying.

Image Source: Reddit | u/OpheliaRaine
Image Source: Reddit | u/OpheliaRaine

Her co-workers saw that he was crying at the end of the class, and despite her explaining what happened, got judged for making a student cry. This is why, she took to the internet to know if she did something wrong. According to the popular view, she did nothing wrong. u/DryCell4889 said, "NTA. I thought Japanese people were hellbent on discipline and politeness. Sam is a child so I won't call him an a****** but the school management should at least try to contact his parents about his behavior."

Sharing a personal experience, u/speakeasiez said, "My brother taught in Okinawa, Kyoto, and Osaka. He also taught this age. There were plenty of situations like this one. He had some of the same kind of experiences." Teaching our kids good manners is very important - be it in a professional relationship or a personal one. They're the future and the future cannot be this misbehaved.

Image Source: Reddit | u/NonaAndFunseHunse
Image Source: Reddit | u/NonaAndFunseHunse

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