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Target worker quits and calls out all his bosses on store intercom before walking out

Edwin worked at Target in Chicago's South Loop location and gave everyone a piece of his mind in an expletive-laden rant.

Target worker quits and calls out all his bosses on store intercom before walking out
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Who hasn't dreamed of quitting their job in dramatic fashion and walking out after sticking it to the management. For many, it'll only remain just that — a dream but Edwin lived his dream as he quit his job at Target in stunning fashion. He recorded the same and shared it on TikTok where it went viral. Edwin worked at Target in Chicago's South Loop location and he announced that he was quitting his job on the intercom, ensuring that everyone in the location could hear his expletive-laden rant. He captioned in the video: "Felt soooooo good. F South loop. But s/o to Harvey for not trynna stop me 😎" The video went viral, garnering over 6m views and 940k likes. 



Edwin, who goes by @edwinpos1, is seen dialing the number on the phone in front of him to activate the intercom. He called out a few of his superiors and made it clear that he wasn't happy at Target. He had written down what he wanted to say and spoke his mind. He slammed Jessica for sending him a "p*ssy-a** email."  He called out Linda, who he referred to "Karen-a** Lucifer Linda" and said she harassed the style team "daily." He finally calls out Mary, who he announces through the intercom is a bad boss who doesn't care about any of the employees. Even as he trashed upper management, he let everyone know Rebecca was cool. He said that 'Lucifer Linda' had called a meeting because he went downstairs to get water, and asked him to get permission before getting water. He played a voice note of the meeting as well.



He made his final announcement in an emphatic fashion. "F*ck Target, f*ck this store that never has sh*t anyways, and f*ck management," he said, before adding, "I quit, now go write an email about that, b*tch." Many lauded him for quitting the job, which to him was clearly toxic. One person wrote, "I'm screaming because Target is so hard to get into but all their employees quit." Another wrote, "Leave no supervisor undragged." In a separate post, he wrote, "F*ck that job. I'm never going back." Some were worried for him but he confirmed that he was also working from home on a separate job, so it was all good. 



Everyone was eager to know what happened after his dramatic announcement. Edwin posted a separate video about it. "Nothing really ended up happening. I just put on my jacket and walked out as they put two and two together," he said. When someone mentioned he won't be able to put Target on his resume, he responded by lipsyncing to a voiceover: "I don't give a f*ck. Do I look like I give a f*ck?"

Edwin's dramatic exit from Target comes at a time when workers across America are quitting their jobs in what's been dubbed as the 'Great Resignation.' After a year of risking their lives, the workers dubbed 'essential' during the pandemic have found they have become disposable yet again as Coronavirus cases fall all across the nation. However, this time, the workers have had enough and are quitting their jobs, demanding better pay, benefits and working conditions. This has created a worker shortage, leaving many restaurants and other service shops understaffed mainly.



One author, Kurt Eichenwald, explained that people were quitting their jobs because they were fed up with a system that exploited them over the years. "They have the choice of just saying 'forget it, I'm going to work on my painting or sewing or whatever, I am tired of being abused by my supervisor, I am tired of being screamed at by customers for things out of my control, I am tired of watching adults throw temper tantrums and then being balled out by my company because I could have handled it better. I can survive without all of this. I can be happier without all of this. I am paid so little, my life won't be that different," he wrote, before adding, "THAT is why we have the Great Resignation."

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