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Man travels 60 miles every day to rescue animals in earthquake-hit Northwest Syria

Mohammed Alaa al-Jalil and other volunteers have been rescuing cats and dogs from the rubble caused by the recent earthquakes in Northern Syria and Southern Turkey.

Man travels 60 miles every day to rescue animals in earthquake-hit Northwest Syria
Cover Image Source: GettyImages/ PeckyhyonG

The recent earthquakes that shook northern Syria and southern Turkey have left an unimaginable path of destruction, per Euronews. Amongst the rubble and debris and besides humans, animals are suffering from injuries, dehydration and malnutrition. Mohammed Alaa al-Jalil is determined to make a difference and save as many of these animals as possible. Every day he makes the 100 km journey from his home to Jandairis in the rebel-held Syrian province of Aleppo, searching for vulnerable kittens and puppies. After rescuing them, he takes them back to the shelter to provide them with shelter and food.

Unfortunately, aid to the rebel-held areas of Syria is arriving slowly. Even before the disaster, there was only one crossing at Bab al-Hawa, around 30 km south of Jandairis which delivered crucial humanitarian aid to over four million people living there. After the earthquake, the operations at the crossing are temporarily disrupted, taking four days to reopen.

When United Nations deputy regional humanitarian coordinator David Carden visited Jandairis after the reopening, he was shocked by the scale of the destruction. Mohammed Alaa al-Jalil is a true hero for his dedication to rescuing animals. His efforts to provide shelter, food, and care to animals affected by the earthquake demonstrate the kind of compassion and bravery, which is needed desperately at a time like this.


Mohammed and other volunteers have been rescuing cats and dogs from crumbling buildings in Jandairis. Many of the animals have been scared, so it takes time and patience to capture them. In the last 10 days, 33 cats have been rescued, eight of which were injured. The animals are taken to al-Bab, a shelter, established before the earthquake, which is around 100 km away.

There, vets like Ammar Hammami provide medical treatment for the cats. They treat a wide range of injuries, such as eye, nerve and bone issues. Mohammed and the volunteers are committed to helping the animals and will continue to dedicate as much time as possible to their rescue and care.

Image Source: Getty Images/Burak Kara
Image Source: Getty Images/Burak Kara


So far, they have been able to rescue a few dogs as well, but the conditions are still too dangerous for them to enter the collapsed buildings. Mohammed has been using social media to spread awareness of the animals’ plight, urging people to donate to the cause. Volunteers have also been going door to door to spread the word and collect donations.

The response to Mohammed’s efforts has been inspiring. Donations from all over the world have helped fund the operation and volunteers’ dedication has made it possible for the rescue mission to continue. It has also shown the world that, even amid a disaster, people are always willing to go above and beyond to help those in need.

Mohammed Alaa al-Jalil’s story is a testament to the power of compassion and selflessness in adversity. He is an example of what can be achieved when people come together to make a difference. He has shown that no matter the circumstances, there is always hope. As the international community continues to provide aid to Syria, we should remember Mohammed’s story and the courage and kindness he has shown in the face of disaster.

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