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Sweet student with massive crush on trans girl turns to internet for help: 'How do I ask her out'

Internet users were very supportive and urged the boy to ask her out but he said he was worried about being ostracized.

Sweet student with massive crush on trans girl turns to internet for help: 'How do I ask her out'
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Editor's note: This article was originally published on June 4, 2021. It has since been updated.

A 17-year-old high school student who has a massive crush on a trans girl from school, turned to Reddit to find an answer. The student said he was scared about being ostracized for dating a trans girl but added that he was absolutely fell head over heels for her. The post title read: "There is a trans girl in my school that I can’t get out of my mind. I have a massive crush on her but I’m also afraid of social suicide if I ask her out." The original poster then went on to write a lengthy post about how beautiful she was and his feelings for her. The original post has been removed but Twitter user @EricTheDragon shared screenshots from the beautiful post.



"Ladies and Gentlemen of Reddit, I can’t begin to explain how absolutely and painfully beautiful this girl is. She totally makes me feel lovesick. … I could write poetry about this woman," starts the young student. He adds that his crush began transitioning a year-and-a-half ago. Being a small community, everyone knew about this, with some still misgendering her. Most of his friends continue to make rude comments about her but it doesn't faze the kid one bit. He is so sure of what he feels for her. "She is so real to me though. No doubt about it. I’ve never felt this crazy about a girl before,’ he adds.

He added that he started crushing on her during their school’s art club. "Her art, guys. HER ART." They had been paired at the club during portrait week and he described it as magical. "It was like a Jack and Rose moment, except nobody was naked and neither of us died. She said she loved the picture of her I drew and she asked to keep it," he wrote. The 17-year-old added that they exchanged numbers and were texting. 

The high school student wants to ask out his crush but he's worried about how people will react to them going on a date, including his friends and parents. He added that he wouldn't hesitate to walks away from 'friends' who make fun of her or them. "I know my friends won’t get it. I don’t know if they’d disown me, but obviously, I couldn’t be friends with people who made fun of my girlfriend."



He's a little concerned about his family's reaction. His older sister has advised him against dating her, citing potential drama, but his younger brother, who’s in middle school, wants him to go for it. He even suggested he bring her flowers. The post went viral because of how much he likes her and the earnestness of the post. He concluded his post, writing, "She deserves flowers on Valentine’s Day. I want to make her smile. … I want to make her feel special. I want to be her boyfriend."


Many Reddit users hailed his younger brother for backing him up, while a few were concerned about making a public gesture like giving flowers at school. "Seriously, he has the kindest most open-hearted advice of the group. That's who I would want respect from," wrote one person, referring to his younger brother's advice. Another added, "What kind of family has two sons with such great character? It's just like in the movies!" He thanked them for the advice and replied, "So no flowers at school, but if I ask her out on a date and she says yes when I go to pick her up should I bring flowers? It seems cheesy to bring flowers to her door. I don't want to be seen as cheesy, yet at the same time. I REALLY want to get this girl some damn flowers!" he wrote.



Another person urged him to take it one step at a time. "Yeah, there's a real risk of being bullied and harassed for dating a trans person but whatever you get, I'm sure it'll be a fraction of what she experiences on a daily basis. I think you should take things one step at a time and don't disclose anything to others without checking in with her first. A big public gesture might be romantic but she might not want more attention to be drawn to her," they wrote. He also said he no idea about her private parts but added that it didn't matter to him. "I've never seen or touched an actual vagina. Theoretically, I'd know my way around a penis a lot better. I'm also extremely attracted to her. At this point I feel like even if Gollum lived in her pants I'd somehow find that cute," he wrote.



Laverne Cox, a four-time Emmy-winning actor, came across the post and told the boy to go for it. "Omg if I could advise this young man I would say that life is so much bigger than high school and if this young woman makes you as happy as it seems you must go towards that happiness. Love sets us free," wrote Cox, who's a trans woman herself. "If we were together I'd never try to hide it. I'm not like that. If I'm all in, I'm all in. She deserves a special guy. I'm just trying to figure out if I'm special enough," he wrote in a separate post. It remains to be seen if we will get an update on this cute little story but one thing's clear, everyone's rooting for them. 

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