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Sweet dog shows up at front door to invite his girlfriend on a late-night date

"He usually comes and gets her during the day, so when he came at night, we were so confused!" Holly's owner said of Harry.

Sweet dog shows up at front door to invite his girlfriend on a late-night date
Image Source: Reddit/u/casigene11

It is like a story straight out of a Disney movie. About two dogs in love. But without the evil villain trying to steal their puppies to make clothes with. This story only has the part where the dogs are heartwarmingly in love. And there can be nothing purer than that. A Redditor shared the adorable story of how her dog's boyfriend from next door turned up in front of their house for a late-night date. Not only that, he even had a sweet token of love for her. She shared a video of this adorable interaction on the "Aww" subreddit and as expected, it won the internet's heart.

Source: Reddit/u/casigene11

In the video clip that was shared by Casi Cook, Holly's owner, we first meet Harry. Holly is a black Lab and Harry is a golden retriever. They live in New York and are neighbors. They have known each other for seven years and both of them love to run around and play. They are still as fond of each other as if they just befriended each other. Cook shared the clip with the caption: "My pup's boyfriend lives next door, and tonight at 10:55 he came for a date and to give her a present. My heart is so full right now and now the ball goes everywhere with her."

Source: Reddit/u/casigene11

The video shows Harry patiently waiting by the stairs of the Cook's house. A blue ball then rolls under him as looks expectantly at the door. After about a minute, Harry's tail wagging gets more and more vigorous. The door is then finally opened by Cook's brother and Holly runs out to meet Harry. The two of them then excitedly greet each other on the lawn as Cook's brother watches on. "My heart is so full!" Cook wrote clarifying to a Reddit user that the sweet moment was in fact not staged. "If you listen when my brother opens the door, I'm in complete shock and I didn't believe it."


Cook also clarified that this was not a usual thing for the two dogs to do. "He usually comes and gets her during the day, so when he came at night we were so confused! And the best part, they have sleepovers too," she said. One Redditor commented: You know that now we're going to need regular updates. This is the most romantic thing I've seen this year. User Bellaflor said: I was starting to get worried when his girlfriend wasn’t coming out!! Cook explained: "We didn't know why she was crying at the front door! So my brother ran down the stairs and opened the door to Harry! It was so adorable!"


One Redditor shared a similar relationship their dog had and wrote: My golden also had a golden retriever gf down the street. She’d frequently break out and stand on our back deck and look through the glass doors for him. Another user shared: My Pom had 2 girlfriends (I don't know if they knew about each other). One was a Cocker Spaniel and the other was a Poodle, so he liked his ladies fancy. He would get loose and stand on their front porch while whining and scratching until they were let out to play with him or we would get a call to come to get him.


Holly is also known for her entrepreneurial spirit in addition to her sweet love story. When she was still a puppy, Holly's family tried to bribe her with money to deter her from treats. But Holly started associating money with treats and now she pays for her treats by stealing money from her family's wallets. She has been collecting money for four years and had as much as $100 in 2017.


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