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Surprising survey results reveal how bosses actually feel about working from the office

This survey reveals how the workforce including the bosses really feel about working from the office after the pandemic.

Surprising survey results reveal how bosses actually feel about working from the office
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Andrew Neel, Checkr

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed a lot of things around the world - right from better hygiene to the world getting digitized. Another core thing that happened was the concept of working from home got normalized - because it was the only option. However, this imposed style of working soon became a comfort zone for many as its pros outweighed the cons for a lot of people. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Monstera Production
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Monstera Production

While there is only one major con to working from home, which is the lack of supervision which can sometimes result in employees not doing their jobs well - the pros are many. Right from the ability to have a good work and life balance to increased productivity due to slight independence, working from home worked and made sense to a lot of people. Now, it is a general notion that people believe that it is only the people at beginner positions or "young people" who prefer working from home over working from the office, a recent survey by Checkr says otherwise. 


According to this survey, it's not just you who dislike traveling for hours before starting to work or having to travel back home before calling it a day. This survey states and shows that bosses too are probably not all that happy taking a post-holiday commute. Despite being quite high on the corporate ladder, your manager or boss might prefer working from home entirely or partially over working from the office all the time. This survey of about 3000 managers and workers from America shows us that 68% of the managers state that they would prefer to continue to work from home in 2024 as well. Even fewer employees, a staggering 48% also relate to that feeling and would prefer working remotely. 

The surprising results of this survey mean only one thing. While we believed managers or executives mostly want to work from an office to lead their teams better and employees to want to work remotely to have better work-life balance - we assumed the former to be older people while the latter to be younger people. That assumption, however, is not accurate at all as per Checkr's survey. Some other new surveys have even more surprising results. 


According to another survey by Fortune, we get to see that the people who prefer to work from offices rather than home are the younger generation. The reason for that is that they get to interact with their peers, seniors, and managers better in a face-to-face setting. Moreover, working from the office also allows them to network better, which in turn will facilitate and aid their career growth. Data also proves that about 52% of management would undoubtedly prefer to work for only four days a week over getting paid more money as opposed to 38% of the employees. However, this difference could also be owed to the fact that those in management positions are already paid sufficiently more than other employees. While managers don't necessarily prefer employees who are fixated on wanting a remote job option, people hoping it's an option are only relatable to the bosses.

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