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Supermarkets come up with ingenious way to help low-income individuals shop for food

These South African supermarkets are considerate of low-earning individuals and create items that are affordable and convenient for them.

Supermarkets come up with ingenious way to help low-income individuals shop for food
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Mike Jones; X | @odedanilo

 In today's challenging economy, many struggle with low incomes, finding it hard to manage daily expenses. While many businesses focus on high earners, some supermarkets are stepping up to support those with less. @Buhlenomuhle shared a post on X, revealing a supermarket's genius marketing that is a blessing for lower-earning individuals. The person shared a picture of a combo meal put together by the store for a more economical purchase.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Greta Hoffman
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Greta Hoffman

Priced at just R29.95 ($5.82), this under-$6 meal combo includes a capsicum, a potato, an onion, a tomato, and a can of meat—ensuring a balanced meal. Often, buying ingredients separately is costlier, pushing many towards less healthy, pre-packaged alternatives. This combo is a thoughtful gesture allowing many to enjoy a home-cooked tasty meal without splurging their income.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Anna Shvets
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Anna Shvets

Social media users praised the store's strategy, delighted by the affordable and tasty options now available. @simmakh remarked, “Very thoughtful and affordable, considering that tinned fish is now R25. Very clever idea.” @MrNaturesdrip said, “Very thoughtful and a great marketing strategy.” @honestsoul4ever wrote, “The packaging man understood the assignment.” Danilo (@odedanilo), a teacher and philanthropist, reposted the same and added, “Shout out to supermarkets who do this. The lower-earning consumer is never thought about anywhere in this country. May they never stop this.”



Another praised combo, shared by Melo (@joeyphumi), costs under 40 rand ($7.78) and includes onion, lemon, ginger, honey, and more—ideal for combating flu and cold symptoms. @WakholnaZulu said, “This is so thoughtful.” Many thought items were priced in dollars, but the man confirmed in a thread, “This is from a South African supermarket. It’s 30 rand, not dollars, which is very cheap for all those items.” Many people also added that the tactic was smart and convenient apart from being cost-efficient. @_Gabe_  wrote, “Love this and as a single person, this would decrease a lot of waste for me.”



@AustinMsgala made a strong statement and said, “A business must be selfless in their service, and this is commendable. Also, the economy is bad, and the market rewards affordable services, foods and products today. So if you can build and sell packages that are affordable and are a need, then you're a genius.” @BoKangM20 exclaimed, “Right? Because separately they are costly.” @PhantasM0goria added, ‘This, and the veggie medley. One, they’re reducing food waste by selling less than pretty produce and Two, they’re helping reduce food prep time.” @EmiliaMarc10 recalled, “Shit like this saved my broke life when I moved out of an abusive household with zero practical life skills. Took me years to properly cook and shop for me and packages like these were a subtle godsend.”


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