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Supermarket staff found a bag with $3800 cash. What he did next left his boss surprised.

The management at the supermarket, as well as people on the internet, were very impressed with the employee's attitude.

Supermarket staff found a bag with $3800 cash. What he did next left his boss surprised.
Cover Image Source: Facebook | AEON Delight Malaysia

Being honest at work can be incredibly beneficial and allows one to live life with a clear conscience. This was the quality that Ram Akawal Mandal, a worker at AEON Alpha Angle store in Kuala Lumpur, showcased when he found a bag that contained almost RM18,000 (around $3,868) in cash. The store has put up a Facebook post where they lauded the employee for what he did after he found the bag. It has got 249 likes and 33 comments so far. 


The post revealed how Mandal saw the bag in a trolley in the parking lot of the store. It contained a few personal documents of the owner in addition to a huge amount of cash. The post read, "After the bag was handed over to the customer service counter, it was safely returned to the original owner after a woman came to claim it and claimed her bag was left in the trolley." She shared that all of the money in the bag was intact and was very impressed with Mandal's honest attitude. The company decided to give him an award for his work ethic.


The company also shared a follow-up post that detailed how Mandal was given a celebratory luncheon to acknowledge his "outstanding dedication and integrity." They wrote, "Thank you for embodying Aeon Delight Malaysia's values and setting a shining example for us all. Keep up the excellent work!" In a separate post, the company also shared that they were "proud of Mandal's attitude of integrity" People on the social media site were very happy to see this and shared their thoughts in the comments section. Pooja Sharik Alagan said, "Congratulations. You're an awesome human being. Your job is very lucky to have you." 

Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Felicity Tai
Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Felicity Tai

Taking an honest approach can be very useful in the workplace. u/civiljourney realized this by utilizing a direct method when he wanted to talk to his HR about a problem at the workplace. The employee was basically finding it very difficult to complete all of the work that his company made him do. What made the situation worse was that his superior was not cooperative. The job was very restrictive and made the employee work at odd hours in addition to little overtime. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Alex Green
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Alex Green

They also had to take their lunch break at a fixed time. The employee found it impractical to stick to all of these rules, and his manager would get a report from HR any time he violated them. At one point, the supervisor called him in to discuss the problem. He tried to make a case for himself, but the supervisor simply told him, "I don't want to see these anymore." He replied, "OK, I'll make sure you don't have to see them anymore." The employee then went to HR and told them about the supervisor. 

Much to his surprise, HR complied with his request to not send the supervisor any message. It turned out that HR was also aware of how demanding the job was and did not check with the supervisor. The employee's honest approach found him an easy solution to the problem, and he did not face further challenges. 

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