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Supermarket employee finds a creative and hilarious solution to get out of early morning shift

This employee focused on one tiny stipulation of the law and stood by it and as luck would have it, no one else knew better either.

Supermarket employee finds a creative and hilarious solution to get out of early morning shift
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Kevin Malik

There are a lot of stories on the internet that make people rethink things they know and ideals they believe. Similarly, a Reddit user, u/One-Cardiologist-462's tale of their time working at a supermarket chain offers a compelling glimpse into the world of employment, showcasing the pivotal role workplace dynamics play in shaping one's professional experience. While their role mainly involved lending a hand at different locations, their account underscores that not all shifts were created equal. They usually provided a helping hand to management, which would result in nothing more than a minor change of location and the chance to put some miles on the car with the company covering the fuel expenses. It was a win-win situation. However, amid this sea of routine, there was one particular episode that stood out.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Hobi industri
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Hobi Industri

This incident began when the company asked the employee to work at a store located significantly farther away than their usual assignments. The shift started at the crack of dawn, necessitating a pre-dawn rise at approximately 2 a.m. to facilitate a morning routine and the drive to be on site by 5 a.m. Initially, they hesitated for such an early morning venture to an unfamiliar location. After some cajoling and arm-twisting from the management, they begrudgingly yielded, agreeing to take on the challenge.

However, little did they know that this decision would soon lead to an unexpected encounter that would forever alter their perception of workplace dynamics. They found themselves parked on location at an astonishingly early 4:30 a.m. With time to spare, they decided to wait in the comfort of their car, passing the moments with music.

A sudden knock on their car window at 4:50 a.m. sent their heart racing. They rolled down the window to find a stern-looking figure standing outside. It was the manager of the store. The manager curtly informed him by saying, "You need to leave. This is private property." They began to explain but were quickly interrupted by the manager's stern retort, "I don't care. Go. Now." The employee, while sensing an opportunity, used this situation to their advantage. With a tone of remorse and submission, they responded, "Oh, I'm sorry, Sir. I don't want any problems. Of course, I'll go right away. Sorry." And with that, they followed the manager's directive to depart from the premises.

Image Source: Reddit | u/yParticle
Image Source: Reddit | u/yParticle

Hours later, just as they thought the episode was behind them, their phone rang. An unfamiliar number appeared on the screen, and it was none other than the same manager, who ordered them off the property earlier that day. The manager said, "This is [managername] calling from [location], I was expecting you to work with me today, you should have been here at 5 a.m." With a casual demeanor, they acknowledged the identity and quickly reminded the manager of the encounter.

The manager, finding themselves in a somewhat uncomfortable position, attempted to argue their case. However, they confidently stated, "Yeah, I was there waiting in my car, you told me to leave, remember?" The manager, grasping at straws, tried to press further, but the employee, determined not to compromise their legal position, interjected, "There are no ifs or buts. I was on private property and was asked to leave. I'm not going to break the law and risk getting in trouble with the police."

Image Source: Reddit | u/cero1399
Image Source: Reddit | u/cero1399

The employee waited for potential repercussions from the incident. However, they heard nothing more about it. The matter seemed to have dissipated into thin air, leaving them to wonder if it had been forgotten or deemed inconsequential. People on the platform liked the user's attentiveness toward the situation and shared their views. u/Iam-Nothere praised the user and said, "Heh, I like that you added insult to injury by interrupting him like he did to you. Nice one!"

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