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Superhero Ruth Bader Ginsburg works out despite intense cancer treatment, has a "zest for life"

The Notorious RBG has a notorious workout routine that keeps her fit for her fight against cancer and to protect our Constitution.

Superhero Ruth Bader Ginsburg works out despite intense cancer treatment, has a "zest for life"

We've long known that United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is probably superhuman. Even at the age of 86, she's doing a lot more than coasting. She's still killing it - whether it's in her official robes or in workout clothes at the gym. She recently revealed to an audience at Berkeley Law that she continues to work out and can do pushups, planks, and more. That perhaps explains why the Associate Justice has been able to beat even the roughest illnesses. When asked how she was feeling, she told the audience that she was "very well," CNN reports.



The 86-year-old Justice shared, "I do pushups," adding that she planks, "both front and side," in addition to completing weight-bearing exercises with her personal trainer Bryant Johnson. The duo has worked together to ensure she keeps up her fitness levels and is the strongest she can be, despite whatever medical diagnoses get thrown at her (or cases she has to deal with). This is probably a good thing because taking a look at the conservative-leaning Supreme Court Justices at the moment, it's a blessing that America still has her around to protect the Constitution and some of our most vulnerable citizens.


Moreover, compared to where her health was six months ago, Ginsburg affirmed that she was "very well." On Monday, she said something she's never been vocal about before. She revealed that cancer had left her with a "zest for life that [she hadn't] had before." "You count each day as a blessing," she affirmed. The Justice had been diagnosed with and treated for pancreatic cancer as well as a tumor. However, she confirmed earlier this year in August that she had been treated "definitively." You know what that means: expect her to stick around for at least a little bit longer.


The comments come while the Supreme Court is placed on a brief recess after its first sitting this year. Ginsburg, as always, was an active participant on the bench, especially during a monumental LGBTQ+ case. She has also decided to add other incredibly significant issues to what CNN called "an already robust docket." Clearly, although her health has taken quite the blow in the past few years, she's not ready to back down just yet. While recovering from her third bout with cancer this year, for instance, she was still highly involved in the Court's rulings through court transcripts and in writing.


In the past, she has been plagued by many an affliction. Ginsburg underwent surgery for colon cancer in 1999 and in 2009, was treated for early-stage pancreatic cancer. Moreover, just last December, she underwent surgery to remove two cancerous nodules from her left lung. But when she was released from the hospital, she went straight to working out. That's probably why she's received so much praise for her workout routine (something that most people in their mid-80s don't have). Personal trainer Johnson describes her strict routine in his book The RBG Workout: How She Stays Strong... and You Can Too! If there's anyone who deserves a standing ovation, it's the Notorious RBG, folks.


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