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Subway worker gives extra food to single parent who had to share with their kids

The employee is spreading kindness by packing extra portion when making orders for single parents who have to share their food with their children.

Subway worker gives extra food to single parent who had to share with their kids
Cover Image Source: TikTok|@insanekoshka, Getty Images | Brandon Bell

Random acts of kindness, those small, unexpected gestures that brighten someone's day, are the sparks of humanity that ignite compassion and goodwill. Whether it's offering a smile to a stranger, lending a helping hand, or leaving a heartfelt note, these simple acts have the power to create ripples of positivity in a world that sometimes feels rushed and detached. A Subway restaurant employee, known as as @insanekoshka on TikTok, received praise for her kind approach towards single parents dining with their children. She re-posted a viral video of an Asian restaurant worker generously filling a to-go order with orange and pepper chicken, giving it a new significance. In her video, viewed over 6.6 million times since its posting on July 20, Kitty shared how she prepares an order when a single parent arrives with two or more kids, ensuring they all have enough to share.

Representative Image Source: Getty Images | Brandon Bell
Representative Image Source: Getty Images | Brandon Bell


She writes in the caption, "No, I won't charge you for the drinks. Just take them, I won't tell." In a conversation with the Daily Dot, Kitty shares that she can relate to the situation from her childhood. Having a good understanding of supply and demand at her workplace, she knows what they can afford to give away. When she notices someone who appears to be going through a tough time or intentionally trying to be frugal by skipping something they can't afford, she doesn't hesitate to let them have it. To her, it's not a big deal, especially if it's something that would have gone to waste anyway.

Regarding her childhood, Kitty shares that she understands what it's like to be raised by a mother doing her best to make ends meet and ensure her children's happiness and well-being. She goes on to say that many people in the comments ask her how she knows if someone is a single mom. Her response is that she can simply sense it from her own experiences. When she comes across someone in a similar situation, and she knows she can do something, even if it's a small gesture, to assist them, she will undoubtedly do it. She emphasizes that her actions are considerate and careful, ensuring that it doesn't cause any harm to anyone involved.

Image Source: TikTok/@j9juw
Image Source: TikTok/@j9juw


Image Source: TikTok/@wtfwasithinking0_0
Image Source: TikTok/@wtfwasithinking0_0


Additionally, some people shared their own experiences of performing similar acts of kindness for customers in the comments section. @spicytoes commented, "I've given people extra everything at every job I've worked. The companies will survive. The people literally might not." @rook_moonhammer, shared, "I got fired for doing this once. Worth every second. Family came into the Pizza Hut I worked at hungry. Gave them my employee meal. The boss had a fit too." @summer..ok was able to relate to the situation, saying, "Had to watch my dad starve so me and my brother could eat. He was a single dad and never showed his struggle. I didn't realize until I was an adult." Customers also remember these random acts of kindness; @smudge.._ shared, "I always gave people one extra nugget or one extra donut hole at my job because I always got excited when it happened to me."

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