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Young students surprise teacher of 45 years battling stage 4 cancer with songs outside her hospital

Carol Mack's cancer had advanced, making it impossible for her to return to the classroom and she was being moved to hospice care.

Young students surprise teacher of 45 years battling stage 4 cancer with songs outside her hospital
Image source: Facebook/AuroraHealth

A teacher from Big Bend, Wisconsin, battling stage 4 cancer was serenaded by her young students in a heartwarming gesture. Carol Mack has been teaching first and second-grade students for over 45 years at Christ Lutheran School in the village. Although already diagnosed, Mack's cancer had advanced, making it impossible for her to return to the classroom. She needed hospice care and as she moved out of the hospital, she was met by students from first to fourth grades outside the hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on November 3. Some of them were accompanied by their parents who have also been taught by Carol Mack, reported CBS 58. They greeted her and sang worship songs to Mack before seeing her off.


The surprise was planned by Mack's colleagues and friends, knowing full well that Mack and her students would love to see each other again before she heads to hospice care. The surprise was organized with the help of Aurora St. Luke’s, Mack’s care team, and the school. Mack was overcome with emotion watching her students, past and present, visit her. “It was overwhelming and very special," said Mack. "I hope people see how much these kids and their teacher loved each other and how our school community came together." 


“She didn’t have children of her own but has more kids than she could ever count. To see so much love coming back to somebody that is so selfless and deserving, it is a true blessing," said Nicole Bartnik, occupational therapist, Aurora St. Luke’s and church member. Mack’s care team was also present for the moment. “When I saw her and the kids singing, it was the most rewarding thing. We were very lucky to be a part of that. It was the most beautiful, touching thing," said Luiza Campols, RN on Mack’s care team, Aurora St. Luke’s.


Aurora healthcare shared images of kids meeting Mack and the wholesome images won hearts on the internet. Those who knew Mack had nothing but kind words about her. "Such an amazing woman. She shaped the lives of soo many. Her impact in this lifetime was vast. We will greatly miss you, Mrs. Mack," wrote Marsha Basta, before adding, "I am incredibly grateful she is being so well cared for and has the opportunity to see how much she is loved and appreciated." Susan commented, "She is a special lady. My children were fortunate to have had her as a teacher. She truly is an amazing woman." Many recalled Mack as their favorite teacher. "She was my 1st-grade teacher 45 yrs ago! That was her first year of teaching. I am so sad to read this," wrote Weber, before adding that she wanted to visit Mrs. Mack. Herrmann commented, "She was so special! Recognized my son’s color blindness in first grade many years ago back in 1979-80." 



People had nothing but good wishes for the beloved teacher of 45 years. "Sending love and prayers for Mrs. Mack. It appears that she has been an earth angel for many years. May she and her loved ones be enveloped in grace," wrote Bartlett. "Mrs. Mack is a wonderful woman and teacher. All 4 of my kids were fortunate to have her for their teacher. She is a truly special person," wrote Heinemann. 




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