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This teacher got engaged and her students had the cutest freak-out

Elise Makowski, a teacher at Farmington High School in Massachusetts, is very close to her students and supports them as well.

This teacher got engaged and her students had the cutest freak-out
Cover Image Source: Instagram / Elise Makowski

The relationship between a student and a teacher is unique. Apart from teaching, they are also your guide, friend, nurturer and always at hand to lend an ear to your problems. Students will graduate and move on to the next phase of their lives, but will closely cherish the bonds with their favorite teachers forever. In a video on Instagram, a warm bond between a teacher and her students couldn't be more evident. According to Inspire More, Elise Makowski, a teacher at Farmington High School in Massachusetts, showed her engagement ring to a bunch of students sitting around her and they couldn't control their happiness.


The viral video, shared by Elise Makowski on Instagram, begins with Makowski pulling her hand out from behind the table. Then she shows her ring to a student who is standing in front of her desk. Baffled, he takes a step back and comes back closer to see her ring. He freaks out the moment he realizes it's an engagement ring. He shouts with joy, jumping and pointing his finger at Makowski’s ring. The camera pans to the other students in the class. They catch on to what's happening and almost jump out of their seats. "Oh my god, I'm about to cry," said another student. In the video with over 13.4K likes, Makowski wrote in the caption, "They waited so long for this!"



When Elise Makowski first started working as an athletic trainer and teacher at the school, she did not share much of her private life with her students. That changed during the following five years because her students were outspoken about their lives. In her classroom, her teachers learn about sports injuries and diagnoses, musculoskeletal injuries and more, but her forthcomingness is what sets her apart from other teachers. Elise is popular with the students and is always there to help them with their issues. "During school, I look forward to coming here because it’s just so fun," Nicole Ramirez, a senior student, told GMA. "It’s a great place to just be yourself. We call it our safe space here sometimes just because we’re very comfortable being here."

Noah Albright, a sophomore, added, "Whether we’re coming in here for actual injuries (or not), we still just talk." "While we’re getting taped up, we still talk about everything that happened in our day. Honestly, Elise just listens." JoJo Reis, a senior at the school, added, "Even though she’s in an authority position, she treats us as equal, which is nice." Makowski is glad that she opened up to her students. "I think they’re craving that personal interaction, especially with the pandemic and everything going on," she said. "So I think it’s really special for me to have that kind of relationship with them, and it’s important to them."

Instagram / elise.makowski
Instagram / Elise Makowski



Instagram / Elise Makowski
Instagram / Elise Makowski


The students waited for her boyfriend, Josh Silvia, to propose for the longest time and said the announcement was worth the wait. The video went viral on Tiktok after her students forced her to post it there, which it did. Elise was invited to the "Kelly Clarkson Show" and was gifted with $1,000 to use for her wedding. "Sometimes kids don’t have people to tell things to," Nicole said. "It’s nice to be able to go into a school setting and have a ‘school mom’ that we can tell anything."


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