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Student shares 'overloaded' professor's hilarious email-rant and it's painfully relatable

The email begins with the professor informing the class that the next day's class has been canceled as he has a few things to 'take care of.'

Student shares 'overloaded' professor's hilarious email-rant and it's painfully relatable
Representative Cover Image Source: Getty Images/Luc Pouliot, Twitter/@hailzfitz444

Editor's note: This article was originally published on November 19, 2021. It has since been updated.

"Stretched to the breaking point" has been a constant state of being for many folks ever since the start of the pandemic. With an existential crisis hitting us pretty much every time we open our eyes, most of us experienced burnout like never before during this period. An email encapsulating all this frustration, anxiety and anger was posted on Twitter when a student shared her "overloaded" professor's painfully relatable rant. Sharing two screengrabs of the email he sent out to her class, Twitter user @hailzfitz444 wrote: "Someone PLEASE check on my professor."


The email begins with the professor informing the class that the next day's class has been canceled as he has a few things to "take care of," including an issue caused by him wanting to make things easier for the students. "Hello, There is no class tomorrow. I've got some things to take care of regarding this and my other class, and my full-time job. I have received countless emails about zeroes on assignments either through errors I've made, you've made, or simply people not realizing or knowing they were supposed to turn it in and then realizing in panic they received a zero on it for (surprise) not turning it in," the email reads.

"It seems that giving you a free assignment so long as you turn SOMETHING in created far more chaos than goodwill. Apologies. That's on me. And you. But also me. But also you," the professor continued. "Congratulate yourselves! You've overloaded me!" The email proceeded to get a lot funnier as the professor went on to outline how they could fix the problem. "Submit it. I've extended the deadline until tomorrow before midnight. If you do not turn it in before then, I'm sorry. It's a zero," the email warns.

"No excuses at this point and frankly, I regret ever trying to make this assignment easier because it's created more problems at this point," the professor stated, before assuring the students that he will absolutely be checking their submissions and that they shouldn't even think about pulling some trick on him. "I will look at these, do not do something stupid like type 'b' or 'I did it.' I will become enraged and bitch about you for exactly 15 seconds to anyone within my proximity who will listen. I will not hold back," he wrote.



The best part, however, is the professor's unnecessary but hilarious description of what they will do after this nightmare is finally over. "After I receive these, I will give you full credit (pending the above prerequisite). I will then promptly print 100 copies of the assignment out, put them in a pile, light that pile on fire, and dance around the rubble as it burns. I will then put my hand on the smoldering embers so that I may feel again. Feel what, you might ask? Anything. Literally anything," he wrote. "I will then sleep like a baby, having put this nightmare behind me."


The tweet featuring this hilarious email was quickly liked by many on the social media platform, eventually reaching the professor himself. His response to finding out his rant had been posted online, he wrote: "Hello, your professor here checking in. I'm good! Unless you didn't turn in assignment 11... (I dunno if you heard but you have until midnight tonight to turn it in). Have a good break!" For those wondering, @hailzfitz444 did turn in her assignments. "HAHAHA HEY SCOTT. All good king I have a 95 in your class:) I understand your frustration," she replied. The professor also gave Twitterverse an update about how the whole debacle concluded and spoiler alert, quite a few students just want to see their professor burn.

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