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Student honors teacher who helped her through high school with a special tattoo: 'Presence matters'

Teachers have a profound impact on their students, often inspiring heartfelt gestures of appreciation.

Student honors teacher who helped her through high school with a special tattoo: 'Presence matters'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @oliviacarrea

Teachers have an incredible ability to leave an indelible impression on their students. Some teachers have such a memorable impact on their students that they influence them outside the classroom. They can teach lessons that will last a lifetime. Some students express their appreciation for their incredible guidance and support through heartfelt gestures and messages, and they thank teachers for changing their lives for the better. One student got a tattoo as a tribute to her high school teacher, who helped her in high school to show her love and appreciation. When she showed the tattoo tribute to the teacher, he was absolutely awe-struck and speechless.

Image Source: TikTok | @oliviacarrea
Image Source: TikTok | @oliviacarrea

Olivia Carrea—@oliviacarrea on TikTok—posted a video on TikTok of his priceless reaction, which gained 39.3 million views. She wrote in the caption, "Don't ask how many times I've watched this video lol. This was so special." The overlay text explained, "Showing the teacher who got me through high school the tattoo I got for him." The video received 5.5 million likes. While standing in a classroom, she removes her jacket to show her arm tattoo. Initially, the teacher is simply thrilled for her, but when he looks carefully, he is taken aback by the grand gesture.


In a follow-up video that crossed 10 million views, she explains what the tattoo means and even reveals what the tattoo looks like. The tattoo shows the Roman numeral 'XXIX,' under which it reads 'Your presence matters.' She explains that when she graduated high school, he had written her a letter that included 'your presence matters.' The words in the tattoo are in his handwriting from the same letter. 

Image Source: TikTok | @oliviacarrea
Image Source: TikTok | @oliviacarrea

She continues to explain that the Roman numeral 29 was his classroom number. The moment was special to her because the teacher has been a guiding light in her life. People in the comments adored this sweet gesture for a teacher. "This really supports me in my decision to be a teacher, so good to see something positive," commented @marie.sophie.gerstner. "It's those teachers we never forget. Did more for us than they'd ever know," wrote @samanthalove456.

"That probably made his whole life, you better stay in contact with him," added @jays_gf_4l. "It's funny how a stranger can change someone's life," commented @_charlottevragkou_. "There aren't many like him. The teacher that got me through became such a big part of me, she is now my daughter's Godmother," shared @Janiece Rowley-Cust.

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Some teachers do deserve special gestures to show how much they are appreciated. One high school teacher even went as far as donating a kidney. Eddie McCarthy, an Ohio-based math educator at Whitmer High School, not only taught Roman McCormick valuable math lessons in the classroom, but he saved his life by donating an organ. Roman's parents have put their faith in McCarthy's selflessness, believing that one of his kidneys will allow him to live his adolescent life to the fullest.


Roman, a sophomore in high school, was dealing with the difficulties of having Branchiootorenal (BOR) syndrome. This uncommon hereditary disorder affects tissue development and can result in ear and kidney malformations. McCarthy and Roman needed to have the same blood type, which in this case was O positive, for the kidney donation to go ahead. In this special surprise, the organ transplant was able to take place.

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