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Student exposes a group chat full of racial and homophobic slurs to the university faculty

It took this individual a while to realize that they may have landed themselves among homophobes, racists and bullies.

Student exposes a group chat full of racial and homophobic slurs to the university faculty
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

Snitching on your friends can put an end to any friendship but what if you are snitching on them for the right reasons? What if the people you considered as your friends end up revealing their true colors and start dropping racial slurs and homophobic remarks in front of you? A Reddit user u/throwRA_bell did what needed to be done in a situation like this and also shared the story, asking people if they were in the wrong for exposing the ugly side of their friend's group to the university faculties.

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Charlotte May
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Charlotte May

The person started the post by addressing a group chat they shared with a friend circle who went to university together. "These people have a nasty habit of using the N-word and F slurs all the time and claim that it's fine. They're not black and they're definitely not gay. They argue that they don't mean them in a discriminatory way. These are people that I've heard with my own two ears talking about how homosexuality is a sin and terrible horrible things about what they'd do if they ever met someone like that," they mentioned.

They mentioned that they are bisexual and haven't come out to people around them especially not to their toxic group of friends. "I am very vocal about how they need to stop using language like that and how they're horribly wrong to say it's okay to use slurs. They made fun of me for it," they continued. "This is something that's gone on for literal years at this point, and recently I've been insanely fed up with their behavior. They catcall random women and bully people too."

Representational Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project
Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project

Even though the toxic students were dismissing their rude acts and words simply as a prank, this individual had enough of it and they decided it was time to put an end to their friendship as well as their insensitive behavior. "I sent screenshots of them saying the N-word, the F slur, and threatening violence against gay people to the faculty at our university. Now one of them is at risk of losing his scholarship. They're furious, of course, because it's so obviously worse to rat on someone for being racist than it is to be racist," they wrote.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Appropriate-Value54
Image Source: Reddit | u/Appropriate-Value54

The person wrote in conclusion that after the expose, everyone in the group chat has been freaking out, alluding to punishing the one who has leaked the screenshots but the person thought it was the right thing to do by reporting the rude students to the university authority. People rallied around the person and told them they did the right thing. u/CaptColten wrote: "These people aren't your friends. If they didn't hate you for snitching, they would have hated you the second you came out. You have lost nothing."

Similarly, other people questioned why this person was friends with them in the first place and how their ugly actions led to ugly consequences and they totally deserved it. u/deleted had a few conflicting opinions and they commented: "You’re kind of being an AH, maybe. You have fundamental differences with these friends - NTA for this. So, as an adult you separate from the group, block them and go on with your life. Getting by the admins involved and deliberately trying to harm them, because ‘you feel offended’ is not right." Hopefully, those rowdy students learned their lessons but in a hard way.

Image Source: Reddit | u/deleted

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