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Adorable stray dog waits for a bus driver every day in the exact same place for a wholesome reason

This mutt dutifully waits at the bus stop each day for his favorite bus driver to arrive and bring something rewarding for him.

Adorable stray dog waits for a bus driver every day in the exact same place for a wholesome reason
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/Fantasign

This might sound like a straight-up real-life remake of the famous Japanese Akita dog, Hachiko, who used to wait for his master dutifully outside the train station every day. The poor dog didn't know that his master had passed away and he continued to show his devotion to his owner till his last breath. This nameless stray dog is no different than the iconic Hachiko. A video of that stray dog has been making the rounds on various social media sites lately and catching the attention of netizens. u/Fantasign shared it with the Reddit community as well, where we can briefly see the dog and his daily routine.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Fantasign
Image Source: Reddit | u/Fantasign

In the viral video, we can see the canine waiting for a particular bus to show up at the bus stand; his eyes are focused on the passing vehicles through the traffic. When he recognizes the bus, which is driven by his favorite bus driver, he waits patiently, starts wagging his tail and climbs inside the bus to receive a sweet treat from the kindhearted driver. The dog takes the cookie and gets down from the bus to enjoy the reward of his patience on the side of the road.

Even though there were no mentions of the actual origins of the video, this cute puppy didn't fail to win over the Reddit community. u/hankjmoody shared: "I've got a couple dogs on my route who do this too! Not strays, but farm dogs that generally live outside. It's been a proper treat to see them open up over the years and now they bark and wag their tails when they run up to me for their Milkbones. Such a change from 2-3 years ago, when they were terrified of me!"

Image Source: Reddit | u/DrPoopyPantsJr
Image Source: Reddit | u/DrPoopyPantsJr

u/ptlimits noted: "Wow that's impressive that it knows which bus. Also sad that it's on the streets. Hope someone takes this little guy home." u/cjthecookie pointed out a sad reality: "The thought of this bus driver taking a day off and the dog still waiting for his treat that day has got me all busted up inside." Well, this isn't the only pooch who is smart enough to recognize a bus. Another dog had previously made headlines after figuring out how to take the city bus by herself and even get off at the right stop.


A Labrador Mastiff from Seattle named Eclipse became a local celebrity after she started riding the bus with her owner, Jeff Young, in 2015 to visit their local Belltown Dog Park. Eclipse first took the bus all by herself when Young got distracted while smoking and the bus arrived. She became a lovable fellow commuter with humans who took the same bus regularly. Unfortunately, Eclipse passed away at the age of 10 and Young announced it through a Facebook post.


According to WITF, Logan Hoskinson, the assistant manager of the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society, has spoken about the increasing crisis that stray animals are facing in America. “I’ve been working at this shelter for eight years just about and I’ve never seen it so full in the dog areas. Cats are a constant problem,” Hoskinson said, “Fills up every year, at least for a time, if not throughout the whole year. But the dogs, I’d say, have definitely seen an uptick that I’ve never experienced working at the shelter.”

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

There are an estimated 70 million homeless dogs and cats in the United States that are fighting for their lives on any given day. It is the result of people's inability to spay and neuter their pets in time, which permits them to breed more on the streets and results in an increased number of homeless animals. A large number of animals were left by their owners when they moved and couldn't take care of them anymore and many of these animals were left behind or dumped by the side of the road, per the reports of PETA.

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