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Mom requests strangers to play her daughter's music and a whole string orchestra responded

The mother asked, 'Could somebody play this? I need to know, I need to know if it’s any good or makes any sense.'

Mom requests strangers to play her daughter's music and a whole string orchestra responded
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @meems1980, @poshprofessor, and @juliethefoodie

Music undoubtedly connects people. The statement stands true for this 10-year-old who wrote music for the first time. Musicians around the world have played and shown what a beautiful piece she created. It all started when a mom, @meems1980 requested musicians on TikTok if they could play her daughter's written music. She says in the video, "So my 10-year-old daughter wrote this. Could somebody play this? I need to know, I need to know if it's any good or makes any sense." The video went viral with more than 4 million views. It was the first time that Mimi Wallace's daughter wrote the music and as a mother, she was curious to know how it sounded, according to classicfm.

TikTok | @meems1980 and jennieallyn
TikTok | @meems1980 and jennieallyn


User @jennieallyn was the first to respond to the mom's request. She says in the video, "It makes sense to me for a little while so I will play for you what I see." She goes on to play the notes on her piano and says, "It is a brilliant start I love it. Maybe someone else can fill in too." It was captioned, "Literally so beautiful." After this, Wallace received many responses from musicians. Many were playing music on different instruments like harp, piano and violin from around the world. Even vocalists added lyrics to the 10-year-old's music. 

But the highlight of it all was an entire string orchestra called NAfMe Northwest String Educators, who responded to Wallace's request with a multi-part arrangement. It was posted by @poshprofessor, who goes by the name Christopher T.F. Hanson. He captioned it, "@meems1980 we decided to orchestrate your daughter's beautiful melody and read it at the NAfME (National Association for Music Education) Northwest Division Conference in Bellevue, WA. Thank you for sharing her music with us! We hope you like our arrangement and performance." 

Many on the platform just loved the performance. @clifplewis commented, "This is what we should use social media for 💜"@erzon.lev commented, "You just created a core memory for that little girl. Well done!" @_freetabitha_ commented, "I’m not crying you’re crying 😭" @mimikathybuckles commented, "She’s officially a composer!! I love this so much 🤣" @ajill_herdog_and_ajeep commented, "This feels like it should be in a movie. There’s so much emotion in it, it’s beautiful 😍" @kyamosher commented, "sometimes I think the world is a horrible place but then there are rare moments of beauty like this that make it worth living."

Wallace told TODAY, "I come from a family of music teachers and I can read music but I don't have perfect pitch," Wallace said. "I wanted to know what Olive's music sounded like, so I asked TikTok." Hanson, an assistant professor of music and the director of education and orchestral activities at Seattle Pacific University, said that the video was a "beautiful testament to creativity and connectivity through the arts." It has music educators from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. "As a music educator, I am passionate about supporting artistic expression," he said. "I saw this TikTok exchange as a perfect opportunity to connect with a young composer."

TikTok | @poshprofessor and @julieythefoodie
TikTok | @poshprofessor  and @juliethefoodie


Wallace also shared that there have been strangers who have shed tears over Olive's composition. "A violinist who hadn't touched her instrument since her car accident said Olive's song inspired her to pick it up again," she said. Another person sent the family a blank notebook for sheet music.

TikTok | @meems1980
TikTok| @meems1980


However, Olive accepts that there is one oversight in her music. She said that her staff had six lines instead of five. Wallace said, "The song is still playable." The 10-year-old dreams of being a violinist one day but just has one request for TikTok: someone could play the song on the bagpipes.

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