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Stranger's gesture praised after heartbroken Pizza Hut driver was only tipped $20 on $938 order

The building security was shocked by how low the people had tipped considering they billed it to their company.

Stranger's gesture praised after heartbroken Pizza Hut driver was only tipped $20 on $938 order
Cover image source: Overhead cropped view of woman leaving gratuity in restaurant - stock photo/Getty Images

A Pizza Hut delivery driver got tipped a measly $20 tip on a $938 order, and this, in spite of her carrying the order to the third floor of a corporate office in Dallas. A security guard at a building felt so bad that they tipped her an additional $50 because she desperately needed it. They also shared the incident on Reddit. In a system where service industry workers are not paid well, they are forced to rely on tips to make ends meet. The security guard who was there was stunned that people who were putting the bill on the office tab couldn't even be bothered to tip well. 

Overhead cropped view of woman leaving gratuity in restaurant - stock photo/Getty Images


"A Pizza Hut delivery person came to the building delivering a HUGE order for a group on the 3rd floor. While she is unloading all the bags of boxes pizza, the boxes of wings, breadsticks, plates and napkins and etc, I took the liberty of calling the point of contact letting them know the pizza was here. While waiting for the contact person to come down, I had a little chat with the delivery driver," they wrote. "She was saying how she had a big order before this and another one as soon as she gets back. She was pretty excited because she said it was a blessing to be making these big deliveries. She didn’t flat out say it but was excited about the tip she should receive on such a large order. An 18% tip would have been $168 dollars after all. She told me about her kids and how they play basketball in school and are going to state and another one of her sons won some UIL awards in science. You could tell how proud of her children she was," they wrote.



She also opened up to them about her financial troubles and these tough times. "She revealed it’s been tough because it’s not cheap, in time or money. She had to give up her job as a teacher so she could work a schedule that allowed her to take care of her children. She said her husband works in security like I do and “it helps but it’s hard out there,” they wrote before explaining that she had also helped carry the pizza boxes to the third floor and set it up for the people there. 

"A few minutes later she comes back down and she sees me and says, “I got it all up there and set it up real nice for them,” as she shows me a picture of the work she did. And then as her voice begins to break she says “they only tipped me $20. I just said, 'thank you' and left.” they wrote. Pained to see her heartbroken, and aware of her financial situation, the security guard tipped her. "I asked for her $cashapp and gave her $50 and told her she deserves more but it was all I could spare," they wrote. "She gave me a huge hug and said that this was a sign that her day was gonna get better."



They also called out the people who ordered the pizza and had her lug it all the way up to the third floor and set it up for them. "If someone is going to whip out the company credit card, make a giant catering order and not even give the minimum 18% tip to the delivery driver who had to load it all into their vehicle, use their own gas to deliver it, unload it and then lug it up and set it up. You are a total piece of sh*t. It’s not your credit card! Why stiff the delivery driver like that?!" they wrote, before adding, "I was glad I could help her out but I fear she will just encounter it over and over because corporations suck, tip culture sucks, everything sucks."

Many Reddit users sided with them. "We really need to get rid of tipping and demand companies pay living wages. The number of people saying this one tip was more an hour than "a living wage" are clearly missing the fact that overall the job DOES NOT pay a living wage, or she wouldn't be struggling," wrote one person.

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