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Stranger's gesture for a woman who had to fly out of the city in a day wins everyone's hearts

The woman was stressed and she had to file a police report for her airline to allow her to take the flight.

Stranger's gesture for a woman who had to fly out of the city in a day wins everyone's hearts
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Lukas, Reddit | u/smugmisswoodhouse

Losing a wallet is incredibly stressful because of the valuable items it holds, such as money, credit cards, and ID cards. Reddit user u/smugmisswoodhouse shared that she lost her wallet while shopping in NYC but was saved by a kind stranger who returned it just in time. She wrote, "I dropped my wallet while shopping in NYC and was frantic because I needed to fly out shortly thereafter."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Robert Bogdan
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Robert Bogdan

She continued, "This amazing human not only found my wallet but was able to use the details on my cards to find me on LinkedIn." The woman shared a screenshot of the messages she exchanged with the stranger. They wrote to her, "Hi! Just found your wallet on the street on 6th Avenue. Picked it up so no one could grab it. I'm around the area if you need it." She responded, "Oh my gosh! Thank you! I'm at Ayada Thai in Chelsea Market stress eating. May I meet you somewhere? My number is...if it's better to text me."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Porapak Apichodilok
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Porapak Apichodilok

The woman provided some background in the comments about what happened. She explained that she was shopping in NYC and "carelessly" dropped her wallet. She realized it was missing half an hour later. She shared, "I was already over a mile from where it had been dropped and retraced my steps but didn't find it anywhere. I was in a panic as I was only in NYC for another day or so and was then due to fly home." A kind bookstore owner let her hang out in his shop to sort things out with her airline and deactivate her cards.

She learned that airlines are more understanding if you have a police report and documentation, so she decided to file a police complaint for her lost wallet. She wrote, "I hadn't eaten in several hours though and my wallet wasn't going to be more or less lost waiting an hour, so I decided to grab lunch before I fainted from low blood sugar." As she was eating her food, she got an email stating that someone outside her network had sent her a message with the subject line "wallet" on LinkedIn. She said that the stranger had found the wallet while walking her dog.

After exchanging a few messages, they arranged to meet. She explained, "I offered to buy her a drink and/or Venmo her in thanks, but she wouldn't take it. Thanks to her, I was able to fly out." She concluded, "Overall 10/10, NYC is full of fantastic and generous people." u/firerosearien commented, "This is 100% an NYC thing. One time I left a brand new cell phone in the back of a cab. I was able to pick it up the next day, and I offered a bit of cash as a thank you, but the cab driver declined."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Least-Might8845
Image Source: Reddit | u/Least-Might8845

u/hummingbird01234 wrote, "It's so great to hear that there are honest people out there." u/triple_cloudy shared, "I once lost my wallet at a national park, and the guy who found it noticed I had referral cards to a supplement store. He contacted them with my name and got my number from them. He called me and later delivered my wallet right to my campsite and ran away from me as I tried to give him cash for his time and honesty. Good dude."

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