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Stranger who showed up at woman's door to return her lost purse is winning everyone's hearts

He hands over the purse to the woman and quietly leaves, without requiring any praise or compensation for his kind act.

Stranger who showed up at woman's door to return her lost purse is winning everyone's hearts
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @ring

It is not every day that you meet strangers who are kind enough to come drop off things at your house that you lost. It takes a good-hearted person to do so much for someone whom they don't even know. However, this man did exactly that when he decided to deliver a lost purse right to the woman's doorstep. He finds the mother of the woman who lost her wallet and quietly leaves. It is evident from the video posted by Ring on Instagram, that he was purely there to drop off the wallet and didn't need any validation for it.

Image Source: Instagram | ring
Image Source: Instagram | @ring

In the video, the man can be seen standing outside the house and then Kim opens the door. He says to her, "Hey, how are you doing?" She responds, "I'm doing well." Then he tells her that he found her wallet at the parking center. She says, "That's not me though" so he shows her a picture on the wallet. She looks at it and reacts, "Oh my god, that's my daughter." He explains, "Yeah, I was at the parking center and I was like it's a purse. I don't know if she lost it. All the cards are in there. Everything."

Image Source: Instagram | ring
Image Source: Instagram | @ring

The sweet video is captioned, "A stranger knocked on Kim's door, and to her surprise, he had found her daughter's wallet. No good deed goes unnoticed. Happy #WorldKindness Day." The video was posted on Reddit by u/Delicious-Let8249. u/thisisatest06 commented, "That guy wasn’t just doing the right thing, he went out of his way to deliver the wallet. Appreciate this type of stuff in a world full of negative." u/Substantial_Cable162 wrote, "It's not everyday people go out of their way to do the right thing. This man is such a great guy. Wish everyone would be more like this guy and start doing better." u/hihirogane said, "Glad to see humanity is still there a little." u/hevalbendbz said, "It's quite simple to make the wrong decision. This is a fantastic demonstration of integrity and excellent character. Excellent work."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Environmental-Big598
Image Source: Reddit | u/Environmental-Big598

Kim was so thrilled by the man's kindness that she forgot to ask his name when he came to return it, reports Inspiremore. She posted this video on The Neighbors App to find the person. She captioned it, "I wanted to share a heartwarming act of kindness,” Kim wrote. “…If anyone recognizes him, please let him know a neighbor gave him a shout-out.” Soon, the man's girlfriend came across the post and shared that the man's name was Deronta. Moreover, the two have connected since then and also made plans to hang out together. She said, "I was just so happy when I found him,” Kim said. “I called him right away. What an awesome guy he is! My daughter will be contacting him herself and hopefully, we can arrange a dinner soon.” The video is a great example of how someone could spread kindness in this world and touch people's lives.

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