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Stranger save a young boy just in time and prevents a terrible accident from happening

This young boy would have had a terrible accident but he was saved by a man who stopped him from entering the main road as his bicycle slipped.

Stranger save a young boy just in time and prevents a terrible accident from happening
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsCorres1

Not all heroes wear capes, some heroes can be found in everyday life, performing acts of kindness, courage, and selflessness without any expectation of recognition or reward. They could be firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, teachers, or even ordinary people who go out of their way to help others. This was seen in a video uploaded by @GoodNewsCorrespondent on Twitter. The tweet has been captioned, "A young boy riding his bicycle is headed towards certain disaster when this hero grabs him just in time. The out-of-control bicycle was about to enter the busy road and this good Samaritan saved the day!"  



In the video, we see a young boy riding his bicycle as he was about to enter the main road, soon, the boy loses his balance and was about to fall down. At this point, a man comes in and holds the young boy and his bicycle before they enter the main road. This man saved the boy's life because if the boy had entered the main road, he would have been probably injured as he was about to fall from his bicycle.



Even according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 400,000 children in the United States receive medical treatment for bicycle-related injuries each year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that in recent years, around 100 children (under the age of 16) die annually in bicycle accidents in the United States.: Children aged 5 to 14 years have the highest injury rates for bicycle-related incidents. This age range is particularly vulnerable because they may lack the necessary skills and experience to navigate traffic safely. For this reason, this man's quick response to saving the boy is heroic. The video has also gone viral and it has been viewed 12.6K times on Twitter. 

Another young boy was helped by a homeless woman when he lost his Spiderman bicycle. Will Fuller-Wright, 3, of Rockland could not contain his happiness when his parents bought him his first bike, a Spiderman model. Speaking to WMTV, the young boy explained why Spiderman is his favorite superhero: "Because he saves everybody by catching bad guys in the net." However, earlier this month, on Will's first day out with his Spiderman bike, it was stolen.

Image Source: Facebook | Rockland Police Department
Image Source: Facebook | Rockland Police Department


"We went to Walgreens. And we stopped and put his bike on the sidewalk and decided to give him a little candy treat and say 'woohoo, you made it half a mile," said Will's mother, Liz Fuller-Wright. "We came out, and the bike wasn't there. The security camera footage was shared on Rockland Maine Police Department's Facebook page in an attempt to find the bike. This was when the story took an incredible turn. A homeless woman who wishes to be anonymous came forward to help the boy. She informed Maine's Total Coverage that she was in her car—which she lives in—at a gas station in Oxford County when she heard about the news.



She decided to help the boy. "What this little boy was thinking when he came out of that store with his mom and saw his bike missing, I cried. I worried about what that little boy would be growing up and thinking about the world. I went to Walmart, and I purchased the one and only bike and got him the helmet and the lock. And then I took it to Rockland," she said.

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