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Stranger leaves heartfelt note to woman crying on the subway and restores our faith in humanity

The woman was an aspiring actor and was heartbroken after just quitting a class that had served as her creative outlet.

Stranger leaves heartfelt note to woman crying on the subway and restores our faith in humanity
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Ceara Ledwith, an actor in New York City, was quietly crying on the subway, her mask providing cover for her apparent grief. A stranger did notice the tears rolling down her tears and she dropped her a note, letting her know that she wasn't alone and giving her courage to deal with whatever she was going through. The sun would rise again, he told her. Ledwith needed it more than anything on that horrible day. She had just quit a class that gave her much hope amid her mental health struggles, and it had all become too overwhelming for her, reported Tanks good news. 



For someone aspiring to be an actor, the class served as her creative outlet but eventually, she decided to leave the class. She was doubting herself and her hopes of becoming an actor seemed more distant than ever. She took the train, heading downtown to work, after saying goodbye to her classmates and that's when she broke down in tears. As she cried silently, she awkwardly made eye contact with a man sitting across her. He appeared to silently acknowledge and empathize with her situation. “I could just see the empathy and compassion in his eyes. It made me kind of embarrassed, but it was also kind of comforting to not feel alone,” said Ledwith.


As the journey wore on, she switched her attention to her phone. Then, she saw someone keep a piece of paper in front of her face, She rejected the paper assuming they were distributing notes to travelers. "No, thank you," she said. The stranger appeared to shake the paper once more. She looked puzzled and looked up to see the same man holding it. She took it and he got off the train.



It was a note he had scribbled to her. "It's hard to remember that everything in life happens for a reason, especially, during the hard times," read the letter. "It took a while to believe it, but things do get better. I'm not sure what you're going through, but I wish you nothing but positive energy and the strength to push through whatever may be troubling you. You're a beautiful soul and offer so much to those around you. During storms, look past the clouds and know the sun will come again," concluded the scribbled note, dropping a number if she ever needed support. 



"I immediately read the note and started bawling again. It really resonated hard with a lot of the things I was feeling, and I was amazed at his kindness,” said Ledwith. She texted him to say thank you. "Your note changed the tone of my day! you're such a beautiful person! Thank you, she wrote." He responded, writing, "I'm so glad I could help. There's so much negative energy in the world. If there's one thing I can contribute to life, I want to bring positive energy and light others up. You're such a beautiful soul! I hope the rest of your day is bright, with the sun lighting your path, the wind on your back, and a fire in your step. You're a queen!" he wrote. She appreciated how genuine he was and thanked him for "spreading good energy in a hard time.”Ceara Ledwith is an actor and singer. You can follow Ceara Ledwith and her work on her on Instagram or her website.

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