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Stranger helps 'the least romantic man on the planet' plan a sweet surprise for his wife of 10 years

The stanger helped look for the wife's favorite flowers and even made a dinner reservation for them.

Stranger helps 'the least romantic man on the planet' plan a sweet surprise for his wife of 10 years
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Vitaliy Mitrofanenko

It feels good to find ways to celebrate how valuable your relationship is on every occasion. Surprising your partner with thoughtful gestures reminds you how much their presence means to you, and having a partner who reminds you how much you mean to them is a true blessing. Reddit user u/Gamerartists understands this. He posts about how he managed to help "the least romantic man on the planet surprise his wife of 10 years while selling him jello molds on FB Marketplace" on the subreddit r/TrueOffMyChest. He was buying auction goods and selling them on the marketplace, one of them being "3 vintage jello molds I had on for 40 bucks." He decides to meet the buyer who appeared to be in his "mid-30s decent appearance good clothes and car." The buyer was a wealthy enough man and was buying the jello molds "for his wife of ten years and that was all he was doing." The Reddit user had to intervene.

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Katerina Holmes
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Katerina Holmes

He explains, "You think it would be a bit odd if she found out you only spent 40 dollars on a 10-year? I told him well flowers man what's her favorite flowers? He says I don't really know never asked her." The kind stranger decides to help this couple. "I get her name and look at her Facebook profile every photo has the daisy filter including her cover photo. I tell the guy make it 80 I'll meet you the day off and I'll get you a batch of her favorite flowers. Also if money isn't too tight I know of a steak place outside of town I can get you a reservation at for that night. He said you'd do that for 80 I said yep. Called Walmart and got them to put together a lot of daisies and some spider lilies in it for flare cost me 15 bucks. Made the reservation in his last name, got him all of it and I even coached him on not to assume they are her favorites and let her say it. This confirms they are the favorite and makes him seem more thoughtful." He also made sure that under no circumstances, the wife should know that this man helped her husband. 


As a result, the wife indeed felt special and grateful. "Later I watched her Facebook and the next day after it was over she wrote this. 'I love this man so much for all the trouble he went through for me. Sometimes you never know how lucky you are until it's really shown to you. He got me my FAVORITES!!!! LOOK AT THESE!! The jello molds are gorgeous too just like my grandmother had I love this man so much we had a really good time last night even after 10 years.' There were also photos of the restaurant jello molds and flowers I was so happy when I saw the post."


He felt good about helping someone feel good and added, "In total, I made this woman's day and hopefully I helped him be a bit more thoughtful in the process. I know I didn't get paid nearly enough, but come on like some jello molds and no plans when you have the money on a 10-year? No woman deserves that. Note I'm a dude, and I would never let my girlfriend down like that keeping romance is needed regardless of how long." 

Image Source: Reddit | u/PookSpeak
Image Source: Reddit | u/PookSpeak

This was a reminder to not hesitate to remind your loved ones how much they mean to you. The wholesome gesture warmed the hearts of many Reddit users while some others felt bad for the wife. "This warmed my heart. My husband had a heart attack and was hospitalized on my birthday. He sent me my breakfast from my favorite diner via Uber Eats. Shortly after that 2 dozen pink roses arrived. Those thoughtful gestures were a reminder that after 20 years he is still the love of my life," shared u/stinstin555. "It’s a nice gesture but it’s sad that he doesn’t know his wife that well. Considering that it only took a quick Facebook check to know what kind of flowers she likes, it kinda shows he puts in the bare minimum effort," added u/ComprehensiveBet1256.

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