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Stranger helps a pregnant woman on flight by comforting her crying child like his own baby

The man wanted to help the pregnant mom who was traveling on the flight with her toddler son.

Stranger helps a pregnant woman on flight by comforting her crying child like his own baby
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Photo by Andrea Towns

People might forget what you do or say, but they'll always remember how you made them feel - and this stranger is living proof of that. When Monica Nelson boarded a flight to Atlanta from Minneapolis with her then 20-month-old son, she did not expect to reach her destination with such warmth in her heart. On the flight, baby Luke was crying like most babies would do on flights, and his mother Nelson was relentlessly trying to soothe him. 

Image Source: Mojca Peter/Pixabay
Image Source: Mojca Peter/Pixabay


At the time, she was also pregnant and hence, visibly exhausted. And that's when it happened. An angel in the form of a man offered to help comfort her crying baby when he noticed she was pregnant, alone, and tired. In times when people barely do things for those they know, this man was a breath of fresh air. His kindness and consideration were commendable.

Image Source: Facebook/
Image Source: Facebook/Andrea Towns



This story only came into being because another fellow passenger, Andrea Byrd, posted it on her Facebook with the caption: "...on my flight back to Georgia I saw this man, who was a stranger to this woman, offer to help her because she was pregnant and alone on the flight and her son was upset and fussy. He did not complain, he just told her that he was a DAD, and wanted to help her so she could rest. This man walked the aisle most of the flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta comforting this woman's son as if he was his own...I was in tears...not because he was white and she was black...but because it showed me today that there are still good people out there in a world full of turmoil. Big UPS to this DAD and all the DADS out are the real MVPs!"



In a conversation with TODAY, Nelson said that the man's name was Reid and he too had a son named Luke. She added that Reid kind of just swooped in, and that seeing things like that is quite unusual. And that's exactly why his gesture was so sweet. In fact, Reid walked up and down the aisle of the plane multiple times with baby Luke, until he finally calmed down a little. All the nervousness Nelson was feeling due to having to travel alone with her baby vanished into the air, all thanks to Reid. 

Image Source: Vânia Dos Santos/Pixabay
Image Source: Vânia Dos Santos/Pixabay


"It was such a relief because I was a little worried traveling with him without my husband there to help out," Nelson told TODAY, and added: "I'm still very grateful — he was so kind." In a world that still looks at taking care of a child as a mother's duty, Reid broke the barriers and showcased compassion which is rare to find. He empathized with Nelson not just as a fellow parent, but also as a fellow human being - and extended her with kindness one only sees coming live in fiction.

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