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Stranger comes to rescue of an overwhelmed mother traveling alone with three kids: 'Guardian angel'

She was very worried about how she would handle her three children in three flight but a kind woman decided to help out.

Stranger comes to rescue of an overwhelmed mother traveling alone with three kids: 'Guardian angel'
Cover Image Source: Facebook | @alysialynne

Managing children is hard, especially in a public place surrounded by judgemental eyes. It becomes hard for mothers to handle them as there is a certain decorum that is expected to be followed in certain places. Moreover, people tend to make parents feel ashamed of their children's antics rather than give a helping hand to get the situation under control. This makes many parents not want to go to outings and trips. However, for this military mom, there was no other option but to take a long journey to reach her husband. She had to take three flights and her children caused much more trouble than she expected. However, thanks to an 'angel' she was able to complete the trip with her mental peace intact, as per Sunny Skyz.


Summer Erdel being a military spouse is no stranger to moving places. However, after becoming a mother-of-three she tries to avoid transportation as much as possible. Unfortunately, she was unable to get out of her recent commitment and had to travel through many connecting flights with her children and two dogs. Despite preparation, by the third flight, her children had lost patience and her motherly instinct screamed that they were about to make a scene. Just then, her angel appeared to help her with all the issues.


"She let me know she was a mom of four and that she understands my frustrations and how hard it is on the kiddos," Erdel told WRAL. "She said she could help me however I needed." Having already been through such an experience the angel, Jenny Martin wanted to help in any way she could. During the boarding process, she assisted Erdel by holding her baby and also keeping her stroller at bay so that it wouldn't hit anyone or go far away.


Martin was extremely supportive and helped Erdel in getting on the plane safely with her kids. Erdel believed that the hard part was over and she would no longer need to disturb Martin, but she was wrong. As an experienced mother Martin anticipated something could go wrong and therefore took a seat in front of Erdel to always be near her if she needed anything. Erdel's baby began to projectile vomit at about midnight, and she started to get overwhelmed. In her own words, "My mouth, my shirt, my pants, the seat, the floor," everything got covered in vomit.

Martin again came to her rescue as a guardian angel. She offered to hold the baby and said to Erdel, "I got the kids. You go take care of yourself." She even gave her jacket to Erdel as she knew her clothes had been destroyed. As Erdel changed Martin kept the kids entertained. Erdel acknowledged all the help that she got from Martin, "She held my baby and walked my baby off that flight, and got my baby into her stroller, got me to baggage claim and to my husband".


Everything happened so fast that the mothers did not have the opportunity to share contact details. Erdel wanted to properly thank 'Jenny' and therefore went ahead and made a Facebook post to find her. She narrated the entire incident in the post and shared how she learned the true meaning of 'sisterhood' through Jenny. The post went viral and reached Martin, and they were finally able to catch up on Zoom.


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