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Strange manifestation method promises to make people fall in love with you: 'It 100 percent works'

The 'Whisper Method' has been making its rounds on TikTok for a few years now and some have even benefitted from it.

Strange manifestation method promises to make people fall in love with you: 'It 100 percent works'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | (L) @auravibin, (M) TikTok user Chloe, (R) @valeriafune

The internet is filled with several manifestation techniques that claim to make our wishes true. A couple of years ago, social media was going crazy over a trend that is based on a manifestation technique that will make someone fall in love with you if you manifest it in the right way. One of the earliest trendsetters of this technique was an evolutionary astrologer, Aura on TikTok who shared the secrets of the "Whisper Method" which gained traction quickly. The video garnered over 11.2 million views and more than 1.5 million likes. Many in the comments were so elated saying that the method worked out perfectly for them. 

Image Source: TikTok | @auravibin
Image Source: TikTok | @auravibin

Aura began the video with a warning that one must use this method with caution because what they wish might come true. The astrologer said that the "Whisper Method" would make a person pass a message to someone they wish to by entering into their dream world. "Before you do this, you set the intention that you're coming from the highest vibration and a space of love," said Aura. So how do you manifest love? You have to imagine the specific person sleeping in their room (if you know how their room looks) and imagine yourself walking towards them. You then need to imagine yourself whispering in their ear whatever you want them to do like, text you or call you, and repeat the same in their other ear too. Finally, send them good vibes by imagining that you are kissing them on the forehead where the third eye is. This technique resonated with many who claimed that it had worked and that the person texted or called immediately.

Image Source: TikTok | TikTok User
Image Source: TikTok | TikTok User

Backing up the "Whisper Method" another user named Chloe posted a video about how shocked she was seeing its outcome. She had tried the manifestation technique just once and the result was jaw-dropping. She received not one, but several text messages from the person to whom she expected to talk to. Also, the person expressed their wish to get back with Chloe and sort things out. "I can't stop thinking about you," the text read and was followed by many other texts asking Chloe to respond to them. She couldn't believe her eyes and neither could hundreds of other users in the comments who tried the method and were absolutely in awe of how it worked out. 

Image Source: TikTok | @valeriafune
Image Source: TikTok | @valeriafune

Valeria Romero was yet another person who reaped the fruits of the "Whisper Method." She revealed the response she got after doing the manifestation technique and mentioned in the caption, "It 100% works." The person she manifested for said, "I just randomly started thinking about you so much," and that makes sense because she had done the "Whisper Method" the previous night. They just wanted to fix the problems in their relationship and get back with her so badly. Romero was just devilishly proud of how the technique worked out. Not sure if it was the manifestation or mere coincidence, but many have attributed the "Whisper Method" to having their dreams come true. The trend still goes strong on social media, drastically changing the dynamics of the love lives of many.

You can follow Valeria Romero (@valeriafune), Aura (@auravibin) and Chloe on TikTok for more affirmations and manifestation content.

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