10 people share what would they do after winning lottery, offering insights into modern-day economy

Sep 14, 2023

By: Abhiram Sajai

Lottery jackpot dreams

Winning the lottery is a dream come true for many people. Although the odds are against most people, they still buy tickets in the hope of getting some financial stability. While one may think that people who win the lottery might go out and do something extra...

1. Buy a cabin in the woods

A simple cabin in the woods. I'm tired of my life right now. I just want to hang out with my dog while picking chanterelles. u/AcidNeonDreams.

2. Pay off debt and buy a house

Me too. My buddy and I talk about moving to where our camp is if one of us ever hits the lottery. It’s just the right amount of remote: no neighbors, good fishing and hunting, and the town is only about a half-hour drive. u/shawn615

3. Get a personal chef and fitness instructor

Pay off debt. Replace teeth. Finally, see the doctor. Buy a car and house that I can still afford if I don't have any money at all. u/StatusJazz.

4. Buy a car and bike

So many people in America would see the doctor if they didn't need to worry about the bills even with some type of health insurance there are bills of stuff not covered including copay. F***** a joke of the country I live in. We destro...

5. Clear out mortgage

My wife and I talk about this a lot. We wouldn't even move, we would just quit our jobs pay off our debts and pay for a personal chef. Doing whatever we want all day and coming home to delicious meals cooked with a variety of healthy ingredients any time ...

6. Purchase a small house

And fitness instructor. "I want Jennifer Garner's arms." They would then go to Brentwood, grab her arms, and give them to me. u/e11spark

7. Buy houses and rent them out at low rates

I did win the lottery, kind of. It was only high 5 figures, but I was 20 at the time so it felt like I won the Powerball jackpot. Bought 2 motorcycles and a Civic Si. All second hand, of course, I didn't actually win the Powerball LOL. But when you'r...

8. Get a scale model Titanic kit

A bunch of people I love are getting their mortgages paid off. u/Strong-Solution-7492.

9.  Helping people

True that. Pay off all of your s*** first. Then take care of your immediate Friends and families (as long as it’s doable) then decide what amount left you need to live on and leave for your kids. Donate the rest. I’m 39. I’ve lived a modest life so...

10. Buy property downtown

Man, I just want a small house and isolate myself to draw, but drawing without worrying about anything. That would be bliss. u/45s_