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Store owner shuts store for two days to meet his 3 sisters whom he 'missed for 10 years'

The notice reads, 'We close Monday and Tuesday. My 3 sisters came from Korea. I missed them for 10 years. Thanks.'

Store owner shuts store for two days to meet his 3 sisters whom he 'missed for 10 years'
Cover Image Source: Reddit/ u/rainbowarriorhere

Siblings have a special relationship with each other. They might fight all the time, but when it comes to being there for each other, they will always be present. No matter where they live, they make sure to take out time for each other.

In a Reddit post, a u/rainbowarriorhere shared a photo of a notice outside a store, which demonstrated this sweet bond between siblings. It read: "We close Monday (26) and Tuesday (27). My 3 sisters came from Korea. I missed them for 10 years. Thanks."

Image Source: Pexels/Polinach
Representative Image Source: Pexels/Polinach

The post gained more than 10k upvotes. It is captioned, "No problem!" Many on the social media platform wished the store owner had more time with his family. u/Nikkis_Firehouse expressed, "This makes me want to give them a hug." u/CL34NCR1M5ON commented, "Understandable. Have a fantastic day with your family." u/Novel_Newspaper4576 wrote, "Hope they had a lovely reunion."

Image Source: Reddit/u/rainbowarriorhere
Image Source: Reddit/u/rainbowarriorhere

u/GreatestStarOfAll said, "I hope this person had a wonderful time with their sisters. I love that they could take the time off and were able to reunite. It was probably 48 hours that all four of them will remember for a long time. Not everyone has great familial relationships, but for some, the separation can be just heartbreaking. I have met so many people since the pandemic started that haven't been able to see their family face-to-face for years, for a variety of reasons. So seeing this post didn't just make me smile, it's making me cry." u/drinkitandgo expressed, "Wish it was more than two days." u/STL171 commented, "That's so sweet."

Talking about family reunions, a mom met her daughter 29 years after she placed her for adoption. The video was filmed in 2018 but posted recently on Tiktok, according to Good Morning America. In the video, the mother, who is not named, can be seen walking to the door to meet her daughter Jamee and hugging her. Both can be seen in tears. Allie Seabock posted the video. She is one of four children the mother had after putting her first daughter up for adoption.

Allie said in a Q&A style video that they grew up not knowing that their mother had another baby. "We didn't find out until Jamee found my mom. That's when she felt it was the best time to share the news with us. We were all just super excited," Seabock said of herself and her siblings.

Image Source: TikTok/ @allieseabock
Image Source: TikTok/ @allieseabock

Seabock's mom said that she was 19 when she became pregnant and that only her parents and two siblings knew about the pregnancy. She added that she moved away to give birth to the child and then came home and went on with her life, never talking about the child she put up for adoption. However, she shared that she always worried about that child and hoped she would meet her one day.

While talking about the first time meeting Jamee, the mother said, "Seeing her and knowing that she is healthy, happy, has a family, is a relief. I was just relieved. It just took like the big weight off my shoulders knowing that she is happy and she knows how much she was loved."'

The mother was in "complete shock" when she first received a Facebook message in 2018 asking if she was Jamee's biological mother. "From day one I hoped that she would find me," the mom said. "I didn't want to find her because I wanted it to be her decision. I didn't want anything forced, but I prayed daily that she would find me." 

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