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Steve Irwin's granddaughter is continuing his legacy through her keen interest in the wildlife

Robert Irwin, son of Steve Irwin, is following in his father's footsteps by teaching his 2-year-old niece, Grace Warrior, about animals.

Steve Irwin's granddaughter is continuing his legacy through her keen interest in the wildlife
Cover Image Source: Instagram | Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin, the 19-year-old son of noted late environmentalist, Steve Irwin, grew up watching his dad teaching him to take care of the animals. It seems that Irwin is now doing the same for his 2-year-old niece, Grace Warrior. In the latest Instagram video, the Australian conservationist can be seen feeding an alligator as his sister Bindi and her daughter Grace keenly watched. “Meet Daisy the alligator as she enjoys her dinner,” Robert captioned his post, according to PEOPLE. He explained in the video that “Grace is gonna watch feeding the alligators,” to which the toddler responded, “Kachow."

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Bindi, 24, can then be heard saying, “We’re gonna watch Uncle Robert and Dada feed the alligators,” referring to her husband and Grace’s dad, Chandler Powell. The camera cuts to Bindi holding Grace as they look at the habitat from over the wooded fence, and the 2-year-old begins counting the alligators while wiggling her fingers. “Grace is counting the alligators,” Irwin laughs. In the video, Irwin tapped the water to lure Daisy out so he could feed her dinner. “Give her a little pat on the tail,” Irwin explained how alligators’ “incredibly long tail” is a “real hindrance” on land but is “the secret to their success” in water.

“They’re really sweet. My dad called them frogs with shark teeth because that’s pretty much what they are,” Irwin added. Once Daisy went back into the water, Irwin turned the camera to Grace and asked, “Grace, what did you think?” and she replies “Love you, Daisy."

People marveled about how much Irwin resembled his dad in the comment section, and they raved about him for teaching Grace about animals. "Steve would have been so proud of his babies and grandbabies!" said @midlomom. "You and Grace are just the cutest together," noted @tracey_aussiegirl. "Your dad would be so proud of you and Bindi carrying on his legacy," added @were_wolf53.

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Like any uncle or aunt and a niece or nephew, Irwin and his niece Grace have the cutest relationship, and this is evident from an Instagram photo Irwin posted, where he is seen posing in front of the mirror with Grace. The proud uncle carried a smiling Grace on his shoulders in a sweet mirror selfie while safely holding her with his hand on her back.

The heartwarming image received over 272K likes and was captioned "Uncle Life." Ever since Grace's birth in 2021, Irwin spent most of his free time with her. Their first photo together was posted a day after Grace was born, with the caption, "Let the uncle adventures begin! Love you so much, Grace." He added, "Love you three so much - I can't wait for this exciting journey ahead!"


Irwin even contributed to her first magazine cover for PEOPLE, featuring the adorable toddler and her mother, Bindi. "I have been a passionate wildlife photographer for many years, but taking portraits was a new experience," Irwin told PEOPLE in 2022.

"I am the proudest uncle!" Bindi also observed how similar Grace looks to her grandad, Steve Irwin. "I definitely see parts of [late dad Steve Irwin] in Grace. His determination and his inability to sit still. I think that's really special," said Bindi. "If Dad was around, honestly, we would never see her. He would be in love. He'd just have her doing everything with him."


Bindi also spoke to PEOPLE at a gala dinner honoring her late father, Steve Irwin, in 2023 and opened up about her daughter Grace and her love of all things nature. "She just loves wildlife, and she gets so excited to learn more," Bindi said at the event at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

"She knows so many animal names. It is unreal. I mean, I guess it runs in the family." She said that Grace's "favorite now is dinosaurs," and "she just talks about all these different dinosaur names that we don't know how she knows them all." The proud mom added, "It's really remarkable to see how passionate she is about the natural world."

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