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Stepmom shares a heartwarming gift she received from her daughter on Mother's Day

This wholesome bond of the stepmother with her stepdaughter over special Mother's Day gifts is melting the heart of the internet community.

Stepmom shares a heartwarming gift she received from her daughter on Mother's Day
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/FoxyMoon816

Children tend to prepare gifts for occasions like Father's Day or Mother's Day, but this custom gets tricky when step-parents and step-kids are involved. A kid might not be close enough with their step-parents or fail to figure out an appropriate gift for them because they do not know them well enough. But a woman who is a step-mom to the kid from her husband's previous marriage is lucky enough to have a bunch of wholesome gifts from her tiny tot.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Keira Burton
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Keira Burton

u/FoxyMoon816 shared the picture of the gifts with the community and captioned the post, "Last year I posted my first ever Mother's Day gift from my stepdaughter. This is this year." "I have been having a hard time with gaining confidence and being a mom as my step kiddo's mom is still in the picture. I didn't think she truly saw me as a mom, just a friend that her dad was married to. But today, she gave me these and said you're the big cow and I'm the little cow,'" she added.

In three of the photos she shared, one of them was a combo of two cow plush toys, a customized plastic flower pot that reads "Best Bonus Mom" from Walmart and the final one is a cardboard bottle that has "Fresh Milk" written on it along with the picture of a cow. The cow-themed Mother's Day present has truly proven to be delightful for the step-mom, who was having second thoughts about her capabilities as a new mother to her husband's kid. The Reddit community flooded the comment section with wholesome and encouraging words.

Image Source: Reddit | u/FoxyMoon816
Image Source: Reddit | u/FoxyMoon816

u/Hiberniew wrote, "My kids have bonus parents like you and they make love and family bigger. One of my greatest honors in life is hearing my kids talk lovingly about them. You're doing a great job. You CHOSE your stepdaughter when she was already fully formed. How special is that?!" u/RazzMatazzWise4718 shared, "I am a step-mom as well as having 2 biological kids of my own. I love all of them equally. However, there is just something extra special about the Mother's Day gifts I receive from my stepkids because they chose to accept me as a mother figure and it brings me to tears almost every time. I love them so much and it feels amazing that they love me as well."

Image Source: Reddit | u/CrazyDogMomof4
Image Source: Reddit | u/CrazyDogMomof4

u/James_T_S quipped, "Some great advice I got early in my marriage was from a boss of mine. And he only knows how to be a dad, not less than a dad and only wanted a daughter, not less than a daughter. So that's what he tried to be. The best dad he could be. It's a strange thing to be a step-parent. You can love them like they are your flesh and blood, but the reality is, you aren't. And when the birth parent is still in the picture, it gets even stranger. It becomes a really fine line you have to walk. Apparently, you are doing it well." u/Truth_be_best added, "How nice to see a good relationship. Keep up the good work."

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