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Starbucks manager gets the surprise of a lifetime when past and present customers come to her aid

The Starbucks manager's kindness inspired all her past and present acquaintances to come out and help her during hard times.

Starbucks manager gets the surprise of a lifetime when past and present customers come to her aid
Cover Image Source: Instagram/@marshallu

Kindness has the power to leave a huge impact on people. Helping others and making people happy when they are at their lowest can lead to a genuine bond. Karen Collingsworth's story proves this. Her genuine and loving nature touched so many hearts and many of them turned up to help her quite unexpectedly. According to Sunny Skyz, Collingsworth fell into hard times when she lost her car and needed immediate monetary assistance, which she surprisingly received from her past and present customers. As a Starbucks Manager at Marshall University, she comes across many customers regularly and helps them in various ways. Many of them remembered it and came back when a call for help was made.

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Karen Collingsworth suffered a major loss when her car got broken into and trashed. The condition of the car was so bad that it could not be salvaged. The car was the primary method by which she traveled to her workplace. It was getting very difficult for her to manage everything. Seeing her in this condition, her co-workers decided to do something about it. “We were like, ‘She really can't be driving that car much longer. She needs something new. And somebody came up with the idea of a GoFundMe,” co-worker Jaiden Horn said.

Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Tom Fisk
Representative Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Tom Fisk

The GoFundMe was established to collect $5,000. Soon everyone from current students, alumni and faculty to staff began chipping in with the aim of supporting Collingsworth. This was a result of her being so open-hearted and warm towards people who visited her shop. Collingsworth always ensured that anybody who came to the establishment felt that they were seeing a familiar face. Since most of the people coming to the shop were students, they usually used to be away from their families. She became their home away from home, always welcoming them with a hug and encouraging them every step of the way.

Collingsworth's impact also had past students flocking to help her. Many students shared how they still remember her empathetic actions towards them, revealing that it impacted them even after passing out. Many students after completing the course came back to the establishment and never felt disappointed. She always treated them with utmost attention, remembering their orders and engaging in a lively conversation.


Students as well as administrators shared how her sweet smile helped them get through their rigorous courses. The fact that there was someone with genuine affection waiting for them in the Starbucks made their day. All of this goodwill led to nearly $40,000 being collected through the GoFundMe campaign. Most of the donations were from people who have been touched by Collingsworth in one way or another, but some have donated just because they were inspired by the way she had conducted herself with so much love and kindness.

GoFundMe/Connor Spradling
Image Source: GoFundMe/Connor Spradling


Image Source: GoFundMe/ Abby Massey
Image Source: GoFundMe/ Abby Massey

The comment section of the GoFundMe page was filled with appreciation and affection for Collingsworth. Sharing her experience with the Starbucks manager, Mary Craycraft commented, "We’ve known Karen for years since she worked at Chili Willies. She always took care of us. She 'mothered' Lauren and Kelly while they worked at Starbucks. She’s an angel!" Mary E. Heuton explained how her stint at Marshall was enhanced by Collingsworth, writing: "When I worked at Marshall, I was a daily visitor to Starbucks and Karen was always there with a smile and a kind word. She is an amazing person and deserves the love!"


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