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Star employee quits job after 6 years because he didn’t get a raise, the company suffers $3m loss

The company was left staring at a $3 million loss after refusing to pay the employee what he deserved.

Star employee quits job after 6 years because he didn’t get a raise, the company suffers $3m loss
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Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 14, 2022.

It can be incredibly frustrating when your company doesn't acknowledge the work you do and compensate you for the effort you put in. Many employees don't recognize their value to the company and settle for a lower salary. One employee who worked as a general contractor shared his personal story about how he realized his own worth to his company. They have faced a $3 million loss because of his exit. The man who started at the bottom moved up to foreman before becoming a general contractor and eventually getting engaged to the boss' daughter; he shared his story on Reddit on how he realized his worth. "Owners didn’t want to give me what I deserved, now they are about to lose a $3M contract because I resigned," he titled the post.

Construction workers working on construction site - stock photo/Getty Images


"I am a young Project Manager for an unlimited commercial general contractor. I was raised believing if you work hard and apply yourself you will be successful. For 2 years I learned everything that I could in the construction industry. Took my work home with me and studied on my own time to better myself. For that, I was promoted to foreman. I was brought in to take over a small project at a 12 building 120 unit condo complex," he wrote, adding that he was appreciated for his dedication and work ethic. "The Board of Directors for the HOA told me they loved my professionalism, work ethic, and ability to complete projects on time, and under budget. We won a big contract because of that small project," he continued. "I have since taken over the job of foreman, superintendent, & project manager," he wrote.



He was then in charge of everything from billing, meetings with engineers & board members and scheduling to take off and ordering material. He had secured another $3M job in the same complex and everything was looking up. His bosses lauded him, saying that they liked his management style. "This boosted my confidence and I went to the owners asking for the raise they promised me 1 year ago for my production," he wrote. "They told me 'the experience you’re gaining is far more valuable.' I said you’re right. I put my resume in public." He knew he was worth way more than what they were paying him.

"I got contacted by a headhunter, just accepted an offer this week for $80k a year salary, full benefits, 28 days PTO including holidays, in the office now (no more working from the field full in my own truck), a laptop, wi-fi in my truck for on the go billing when I visit the out of state projects, $80 per diem, 100% matching 401k for the first 3 years of my employment, quarterly bonus programs," he wrote before explaining what he was currently earning. 



"The company I’m with now only pays me 40k and that’s it. None of the above-listed benefits. The final nail in the coffin was when the owners bragged about how much my project made in a company meeting and then denied me a Christmas bonus," he wrote, before taking it up with them. "I laid this offer on their desk Friday and watched their jaws hit the floor. I told the HoA board president of the project I’m running about my resignation when they couldn’t match my offer. His eyes got big and requested a meeting with the owners and expressed serious concern about moving forward with the new project without my involvement."



Even as they discussed their options, he knew he wasn't going to lower his demands. "They don’t have anyone to replace me and I’m not gonna lie, it feels good to hurt their pockets when I gave them everything I had for 6 years and only asked for the median project manager salary. F*ck those greedy bastards," he wrote. He also added that he was engaged to marry one of the owner's daughters after dating her for a while. "It was ultimately my fiancé who gave me the courage and confidence to leave. The new position I accepted is for assistant PM, not sole PM, it comes with a hefty pay increase and I am happy about that," he said, about his new job.




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