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Stacey Abrams is running for governor of Georgia. That means a lot for the United States.

Abrams, who has played a critical role in securing voting rights for the marginalized, will be the first Black governor of the state if she wins.

Stacey Abrams is running for governor of Georgia. That means a lot for the United States.
Image Source: Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe Joined By Stacey Abrams, Jaime Harrison, And Dave Matthews For Election Rally. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA - OCTOBER 24.

Stacey Abrams, who played a critical role in securing the Democrats' win of the Senate last year, recently announced she was running again for the position of governor of Georgia. This could be of major significance to not just state Democrats, but the country as a whole. Abrams has been heavily involved in tackling voter suppression, upping Black voter registrations by 130,000 people in the state. Furthermore, as a result of her groundwork in Georgia, Democrats were able to successfully flip 41 seats in 21 counties. Republicans, on the other hand, were only able to flip six seats. Her win would be consequential, as it would help secure a critical block of electoral college votes should a majority of Georgians vote for the Democratic candidate in 2024, Second Nexus reports.


Many experts believe former President Donald Trump will run again in 2024. He is sure to be laser-focused on Georgia, whose previous election results he attempted to overturn through infamous calls to the Secretary of State and other election officials. In addition to this, Trump placed direct pressure on current State Governor Brian Kemp and even submitted a letter to the Georgia legislature proposing that they invalidate their slate of electors. With Abrams as Governor, it is unlikely such incidents would occur again.


Nonetheless, incumbent Governor Kemp also faces a "Trump problem." The former President has railed against him for not cooperating on his election fraud allegations. Therefore, Trump has begun to openly back David Perdue, who lost the Senate race in January 2021 to Senator Jon Ossoff. Ossoff is considered a primary challenge to Kemp. If Republicans hope to hold Governorship in the State, they will have to address the growing divide between Perdue and Kemp.


On the Democratic front, Abrams is expected to provide a strong pillar of support to the Democratic Party. Since 2020, Abrams has been busy organizing at the local level and working with grassroots Democrats. For instance, through her Fair Fight coalition, she increased African American registrations by 130,000 people. This is 25 percent over 2016 levels, the highest of any race, and about 30 percent higher than new white vote registrations. Georgia handed its 16 electoral college votes to Joe Biden during the last elections, which proved incredibly crucial. With Abrams at the helm, Democrats could secure a large block of electoral college votes. Abrams could also play a pivotal role in vetoing any voter suppression laws that the Georgia State Legislature proposes.


The State Legislature is controlled by the GOP due to extreme gerrymandering, making such laws highly likely. Ultimately, a swing state such as Georgia is a living example of the importance of Statewide elected officials in politically ensconced, gerrymandered legislatures. For these reasons and more, Democrats are rallying to support Abrams in her fight for the Governor's seat. If she wins, Abrams will become the first Black Governor of Georgia. She is also expected to become the new face of the Democratic Party.


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