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There's a pencil hiding among this stack of books. Can you find it in 20 seconds?

Most people struggle to find it within the given time frame.

There's a pencil hiding among this stack of books. Can you find it in 20 seconds?
Cover Image Source: Oxbridge

If there's one thing we have these days, it's time. All the time in the world to sit and contemplate mortality, the meaning of our existence, our role in this universe, why that kid in 6th grade ate chalk in Mrs. Sullivan's class, Ryan Gosling laughing on stage after finding out that La La Land didn't win the Oscar and the nature of President Trump's hair. Since we could all use a break from our spiraling existential crisis trips, allow me to interest in a fun little brainteaser that serves no other purpose than to help us while away some time.


Of course, there's also the benefit of keeping our minds sharp and we all know our brain muscles could use a workout after hours and hours of binging the Tiger King and Too Hot To Handle on Netflix.

Fortunately, this simple-looking puzzle with several books stacked up from end to end is just the thing to get those brain juices flowing again. According to The Sun, the brainteaser was created by distance learning provider, Oxbridge, who claimed that most people struggle quite to bit to figure it out within 20 seconds. Well, let's take a shot at proving that wrong, shall we? 

Alright, so here's the puzzle. There's a pencil hiding somewhere in this stack of books and our challenge is to figure out where it is. Look closely at this image. Do you see the pencil?

Image Source: Oxbridge

How about now?

Image Source: Oxbridge

Can't see it yet? Here's the answer:

Image Source: Oxbridge

Apparently, aside from providing some wholesome family entertainment, this "brainteaser is also promoting Oxbridge’s £60,000 ($73,000) bursary fund. "The cash is intended to help those who have been furloughed or are looking to learn new skills or qualifications in the lockdown. The fund originally stood at £35,000 ($43,000), but was increased due to high demand." Speaking of the initiative, Oxbridge founder Matt Jones said, "It's our responsibility and attitude as a college to help people change their lives for the better. We hope this funding continues to help those in need to attain the qualifications for re-employment, taking the opportunity for a career change or personal development."


The brainteaser is a fun and innovative way to promote education and Oxbridge is going above and beyond to help people interested in pursuing education. According to USA Today Post, "Oxbridge said that the courses which have received the most interest during lockdown are those which increasing their functional skills to assist with re-employment like GCSEs and core skills courses, gaining qualifications to help others with their mental health, for example, Counselling and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) courses and skills to start their own businesses, specifically in childcare and event planning." How cool is that?

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