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Sports reporter filling in to cover the weather goes viral for his snarky take on winter: 'Legend'

'This is what you get when you ask the sports guy to come in to cover a blizzard in the morning show,' he wrote.

Sports reporter filling in to cover the weather goes viral for his snarky take on winter: 'Legend'
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @MarkWoodleyTV

Being a weather reporter is not an easy task. It includes being out in extreme weather conditions and giving a minute-to-minute update with a smiling face. But when a sports reporter is sent out to cover the weather, things can get a lot different. A sports reporter, Mark Woodley of KWWL, was sent out for a winter weather watch in Waterloo, Iowa and he decided to add a little snark with his weather updates. Woodley made hilarious comments throughout the hours-long early morning report. He was asked to help out with December 22, Thursday show. After his work, Woodley put together a clip on Twitter with his snarkiest comments.

He captioned the post, "This is what you get when you ask the sports guy to come in to cover a blizzard in the morning show." In just a day, the post went viral with 11.6 million views and 812k likes. In the clip, he is saying, "I normally do sports, uh, everything is canceled here for the next couple of days so what better time to ask the sports guy to come in about five hours earlier than he would normally wake up and go stand out in the wind and the snow and the cold and tell other people not to do the same. I didn't even realize that there was a 3:30 (show) also in the morning until today."

A little later in the video, he says, "It's absolutely fantastic, Ryan. I'm used to these evening shows that are only 30 minutes long and generally on these shows I'm inside so this is a really long show/ Tune in for a couple of more hours to watch me progressively get crankier and crankier." Woodley goes on to joke that he wishes to be inside a car and do updates about road conditions. He says, "That thing's heated. The outdoors is currently, uh, not heated."

Towards the end, he says, "Can I go back to my regular job I'm pretty sure you guys added an extra hour to the show just because somebody likes torturing me because compared to 2.5 half hours ago it is just getting colder and colder."

Woodley told TODAY that he is very much used to the winter in Iowa as he is from there. Moreover, he said that he can't believe what he became famous on the internet for. "Of all the things that I thought I'd be known for in my life, crotchety old weather reporter was not on the list," he said.



KWWL has been short-staffed so he was asked to help with the morning show on Thursday as sports events were canceled due to the extreme weather."Nobody told me what I was doing," he said. "Now I thought maybe I'd be in the studio or out in the car or something β€” not outside when the temperature is pushing in minus 40 with the wind chill!" Some people questioned the channel for placing him outside in the cold, to which he replied that he was "30 feet from the door of the building" and was outside for six minutes at a stretch. However, he was out 14 times in 3.5 hours. 



Talking about being snarky, he said that he has been "that kind of snarky person." "You know, it's kind of been my personality and I guess it came out," he laughs. "But I'm shocked with what's happened last few hours." The video was re-tweeted by Judd Apatow who called Woodley a "legend." 

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