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Sports fan flirting by flexing his Costco card has impressed the internet, and it appears to work

He can be seen taking out his membership card of the most popular big-box stores and impressing the girl.

Sports fan flirting by flexing his Costco card has impressed the internet, and it appears to work
Image Source: Tate Seibel/Twitter

Everyone has distinct and fun ways to approach people they are interested in dating. We often go all out when it comes to looking for love and this man is no different. A video going viral on Twitter shows a man coming up with a unique way to flirt with a woman he likes and it is definitely working. It cost him only $5 a month, proving to be an economical and effective method after all. In the video, he is seen flirting with a Costco card and has already won the hearts of everyone on social media. 

The video that was posted on November 11 shows him approaching a woman with a $5 Costco card at a college basketball game. The video was posted by Twitter user @T8GR8 and shows a man in a referee-style black-and-white striped jersey conversing with a woman in green in the fans of a basketball game between the Detroit Mercy and the Boston College Eagles. The viral incident took place at Conte Forum in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, per TODAY.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter


The 6-second video has garnered over 20 million views and counting, sparking the interest of thousands in this innovative method of flirting. The camera zooms in to reveal what she's holding when the man passes something to the woman, who looks to be quite thrilled with what she's viewing, a gold-star Costco card. Twitter users had several opinions and applauded this man for not being afraid of being confident. A user commented, "Inflation through the roof. You don't need a pickup line anymore. All you need is to flex that Costco membership." Another added, "Fellas this is how you let a lady know she’s talking to a real man." 

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter


Another Twitter user laid out the benefits of having the Costco card, "Tbh, access to a Costco is pretty huge in college. Collect money from friends and buy beer in bulk."

Some people accompanied their thoughts on the sweet moment with graphic aids, comparing dating to a sports game. One user said, "I told him to buy that Costco membership I knew it would be worth it," with a picture of LeBron James in a post-game interview. Some even suggested that it might not be what it's looking like and the scenario is completely different. A Twitter user suggested an alternate scenario, "I keep seeing this but it seems to me that the guy is wearing a referee shirt and is giving her a fan giveaway gift card because she answered a trivia question or whatever They don’t seem like they’re there together. maybe I’m wrong."

Another said, "Is that just one of those contest rewards they give out at stadiums for showing up to a seat number drawing?" However, nothing escapes the eye of the netizens and a Twitter user immediately put this to rest by commenting, "Incorrect. As clearly shown in screenshot A, the card comes from a personal wallet (left of screen). Additionally, you can clearly see the area on the bottom left of the back of the card which is a square picture that is required on every personal card."



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