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Dad with terminal brain cancer records duet with Tim McGraw to be played at special event later

'So glad we were able to actually get together in person, meet this amazing family, and make it happen!,' said McGraw on Instagram.

Dad with terminal brain cancer records duet with Tim McGraw to be played at special event later
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Vanessa Hugo

A terminal illness often makes people question if they are going to be there to see their children's milestones or be there for their big moments in life. A dad who suffers from terminal brain cancer really wants to be there for his daughters' weddings but he was not sure if he will make it. So, he wanted to record a duet with Tim McGraw's 2006 song, "My Little Girl." He put in an online request on Facebook on February 9 hoping it would reach the country music star. He wants the song to be played at his daughters' weddings. And it did reach Tim McGraw and he agreed to record the duet with him. Last April, Michael Hugo was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma. He has two daughters, Bridget, 6, and Brooke,7. "The median survival for this brain cancer is 14 months. That was about 10 months ago. I'm doing well now, a lot of blessings. I'm going through chemo, we live scan to scan every 30 to 60 days. We know something can pop up and it could go downhill fast," says Michael in his video.

Then he shared about what he is trying to do in the time that he is left with. "So I'm trying to give my children all the life lessons I can in the short amount of time 30 years of life lessons and I write birthday cards for their 21st birthday, I have cards, money, things like that. To try to let them know that I love them."



"One of my dreams is to be with my little girls for their wedding and be there dancing with them," Hugo says in the video. "But statistically, it's going to be tough. And I'm going to fight hard to get there, but one of my dreams or goals… is to do a duet, 'My Little Girl' with Tim McGraw, and do a little video that we could play during their wedding," as reported by PEOPLE.

He continued, "So if I'm there, it'd be awesome because it's a beautiful song. And if I'm not there, then at least I can be part of that wonderful day that I hope happens, hope comes. So if anyone knows Tim McGraw or their agents or anybody who can contact them and if you can share and like this video so it gets more exposure and gets into action. I would greatly appreciate it."



The video went viral with more than 84,000 views and soon, Michael, his wife Vanessa, his mom Lori, and two daughters were invited to Nashville by McGraw. The country star posted a video on Instagram with the Hugo family. "I'm here with the Hugo family. I'm glad we all are here together. And we're gonna make this happen."



"Thanx to everyone who shared Mike Hugo's video on social media and tagged me in the comments," he captioned the post. "So glad we were able to actually get together in person, meet this amazing family, and make it happen! Mike is saving the videos for his daughters' future weddings... what a special thing to be a part of."

Vanessa explained in a Facebook post that the video had reached the head of the Tug McGraw Foundation, dedicated to Tim's father Tug McGraw, who died of glioblastoma in 2014."Tim's amazing management team arranged for a camera crew to film Michael dancing onstage at the Grand Ole Opry with our daughters, and also with his mom," she wrote adding that her husband even got vocal coaching for the big day. "They then set up a special meeting for Michael and Tim to sing together — 'My Little Girl' for our girls, and 'I Called Mama' for Lori. The footage will be compiled into a video tribute for our family to keep."

Many on Instagram loved what the singer did for the family. @cherns24 commented, "I would expect nothing less from a class act like Tim. You're an inspiration to us all. God Bless. 🙌" @mama_miles14 commented, "What an amazing gift to give. Love your kindness, Mr. McGraw. Class act!❤️" @delsred commented, "Thank you, Tim McGraw. As a father of daughters, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this happen for him. You will give him a bit of peace."


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