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Son travels thousand miles to surprise his father and his reaction is so beautiful

His dad hugged him again and said, 'I missed you so much! How long have you been here?' 'Just this morning I got here,' responds Patrick.

Son travels thousand miles to surprise his father and his reaction is so beautiful
Cover Image Source: TikTok/ @patrickbolton

Family reunion videos are so heartwarming and can leave anyone emotional. In one such beautiful video by @patrickbolton, a son in uniform can be seen meeting his dad after a long time. The video starts with the mother massaging her husband's back. He says, "Thank you, good job." He suddenly sees his wife in the room and goes, "Wait a minute, who's there?" Meanwhile, his son was massaging his back. The dad tries to look back and then sees him. He says, "Patrick!" and hugs him. The son says, "It's so good to see you."

Image Source: TikTok/ @Patrickbolton
Image Source: TikTok/ @Patrickbolton


His dad hugs him again and says, "I missed you so much! How long have you been here?" "Just this morning I got here," responds Patrick. The father seems emotional, wiping his tears, and expresses, "I'm so happy to see you." Patrick then tells him, "We are going for barbeque in a couple of hours." He later kisses his son and says, "We are so glad to have you Patrick. We missed you so much." The video is captioned, "Coming from thousands of miles away, Dad had no idea I was right behind him ❤️." It has about 157 views and 18 likes. 

Image Source: TikTok/ @patrickbolton
Image Source: TikTok/ @patrickbolton


The same video was posted on Twitter by @GoodNewsCorres1. It is captioned, "Son surprises his father. His reaction is beautiful...stick around till the end. "Coming from thousands of miles away, Dad had no idea I was right behind him." The video has more than 142k views and 1425 likes. Many on Twitter loved the father-son reunion. @DaveWoo33830701 commented, "You cannot imagine the pain of losing your dad so value it while you can. RiP." @Justin87025317 wrote, "Who placed the onions here, I'm not crying your crying." @9_BulletPoints expressed, "This is so wonderful to see. True, unabashed love of a father and his son." @08zappa wrote, " Made me smile!!!"

Image Source: Twitter/ @9_BulletPoints
Image Source: Twitter/ @9_BulletPoints


Some surprise visits are just too sweet. In another TikTok video, a dad surprises his daughter during her basketball game. The video begins with a caption, "You're an exchange student and your dad comes to your basketball game from Spain as a surprise." Her coach tells her that her host grandma has come to watch the match, so she waves at her and then takes permission to meet her. As she walks up to greet her, she is shocked to see her father in the stands. Ferran runs to him and gives him a tight hug.

Image Source: Tiktok/ @cata.ferran
Image Source: Tiktok/ @cata.ferran


People on Tiktok were left in tears after watching the father-daughter reunion. @beagle_2020 wrote, "Now that is a dad who loves his daughter and would do anything for her…and a daughter grateful for her father." @roberwilliamson87 said, "Something you can’t describe with mere words. 🥰" @lindsaysherfield commented, "I’m bawling! What an amazing surprise 💖." 

Many on the platform could resonate with the video. @davidmarino31 wrote, "So great! As a Dad with a daughter in college this hit hard. Good luck and enjoy it all!" @dubkv expressed, "As a father of an athlete, we will travel the world to see just one game because someday they won’t be one more game." @jessicarandolph42 pointed out, "My exchange student from Spain 4 years ago🥰 her dad and brother came at the end of her year to meet us and pick her up. They are still like family."


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