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People rally around son who started his wedding ceremony on time without his 'always late' parents

Son refused to put up with his parents' habit of arriving fashionably late at every event and not respecting other people's time and emotions.

People rally around son who started his wedding ceremony on time without his 'always late' parents
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | HIGHER VIBRATION; Reddit | u/Able_Shock6277

Humans often start taking relationships for granted. After a while, they stop putting effort into ensuring that both parties feel valued. The situation can also pop out between children and their parents, as revealed by u/Able_Shock6277 through his wedding story. The man was disturbed by the constant disregard his parents showed towards everyone by being late to every event. His siblings had compromised with it and planned their schedule by their behavior. But he refused to do so and since his graduation, he made it a point to start and finish things on time. He expected that one day, his parents would get the message and change their behavior, but this never happened. Things came to a head at the son's wedding, where both parties entered into a conflict.

Representative Image Source: Pexels |  Emma Bauso
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Emma Bauso

The man began the post by giving details about his parents' behavior. "My parents are late for everything. They were late for everything while I grew up and they refuse to care about being late. They do not care how disrespectful it is to everyone else," he wrote. His other siblings have adjusted to this pattern and planned their weddings and other family events as per their tardiness.

On the other hand, the man refused to do so when they pulled this late stunt on his graduation. He told them then, "I would NEVER wait for them for any event that I had power over," and to this date, he stuck to it. The first Thanksgiving dinner he hosted with his now-wife, he did not wait on them after they came late. He shared, "My parents showed up late after visiting with other family and were surprised to see us all lying around in tryptophan comas."

Both parties went on through life with this arrangement. Unfortunately, at the wedding, everyone's suppressed emotions got out. Again, his parents were late and the son started it on time. Everything was smooth sailing except the candle-lighting ceremony, which his mother was supposed to do but was done by his elder sister. His parents came when 3/4th of the ceremony was over and had to contend with sitting at the back. They held their tongue through the entire ceremony, but before the reception burst out at their son. Their son told them they were late and he was not going to adjust for them. He wrote, "I told them that my siblings could coddle them all they wanted, but to enjoy their time with me, they had better learn to be punctual." The parents called him disrespectful, but he stuck to his decision.

The son also offered an explanation for why he thinks he might be wrong for starting his wedding on time without his parents: "My parents are always late for everything. I started my wedding ceremony exactly on time like we planned and my folks missed most of it. I might be the asshole for not planning leeway into my schedule like my older brother and sister do."

Image Source: Reddit/u/FeRaL--KaTT
Image Source: Reddit | u/FeRaL--KaTT

The comment section was on the son's side and applauded him for standing up for himself. u/Discount_Mithral firmly believed that the parents were in the wrong and wrote, "Hard NTA. If they want to be late for a play or a doctor's appointment or whatever, that's on them. If they were going to be on time for even one thing, you'd think it was their child's wedding. This is on them."

Image Source: Reddit/u/Various_Froyo9860
Image Source: Reddit | u/Various_Froyo9860

u/mdthomas believed that the son should have gone a step further and commented, "I'm confused why you even had them come in. Should have had the person at the door say, 'I'm sorry, but the ceremony began some time ago. Entering now could cause a disturbance. You will need to wait until the ceremony is finished.' NTA."

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