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Son shares Mom's elaborate email about holiday plans and everyone wants in: 'How do I sign up?'

The plan lists detailed plans for every day from December 18th to December 25th.

Son shares Mom's elaborate email about holiday plans and everyone wants in: 'How do I sign up?'
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @kmelkhat

While most families are making plans and getting ready for Christmas, one family seems to be going all out to celebrate the season. Khalid El Khatib, a writer, shared on Twitter, the elaborate plan that his mother makes every year. He wrote, "My mom’s annual “home for the holidays” email to me and my siblings just dropped. An incredibly thorough, detail-rich look ahead at how it’s possible for me to gain 15 lbs in one week."

The plan details every day from December 18th to December to December 25th. It lists down the day they all are arriving, what they'll be having for dinner, and when they'll be going out for different activities like manicures and restaurants. She writes, "Sunday, the 18th: Arrivals. Rest and Happy Joes Pizza for dinner. There will be puffed popcorn; Chex mix and various candies available for grazing throughout the day including jelly beans and Peanut M&M's."



She also asks for input from her children in the e-mail. The mother writes, "Evening out. Dress up. Travel to Burdt's Restaurant. Chicken Parm dinner or Ribs? I need your input. Cocktails at 5:30.Dinner at 6:30. Is there any interest in a Bourbon tasting?"

She lists out the activities and who can participate in them. "Friday: Ladies have manicures at 11:30 followed by lunch out. Boys babysit our little girl. Lunch out at Stonecliff Winery. Boys can join if they want." She goes on to even add the friends who would be joining them. "3 pm, Friends arrive: Brooke, Chelsey, and Linsey along with spouses and children. Taco night, chicken and beef hard and soft shell with taco dip, guac, and chips and salsa and margaritas. Cookies for dessert?"



The Christmas Day menu is the most elaborate one. It lists breakfast, snacks, dinner, and dinner. It has a wide range of snacks like taco dip, smokies wrapped in crescent rolls, assorted cheeses, and spinach artichoke dip. Many on the internet were thrilled with the planning and wanted to be part of this extravaganza. @lettergirl2020 wrote, "Bourbon tasting? Ina's mac and cheese? Hallmark of The Midwest? Manicures? Taco dip? How do I sign up for this week of wonder?! It almost seems redundant to wish you and your family happy holidays, but Happy Holidays!" @hijinksandhalos wrote, " Listen...Tell your mother and siblings they've got a new daughter/sister now. I'm coming over. I'm not coming empty-handed. I'm bringing the roasted, whole (gigantic) snapper, jerk chicken wings, and corn casserole." @IkyCat wrote, "Dear Khalid's Mom, I respectfully submit my application for holiday adoption. I will gladly clean the kitchen, and perhaps do laundry, for all eight days. Thank you for your consideration. Maria P.S. You rock!"



The post went viral with more than 140,000 likes and 4,427 retweets. Khalid later wrote, "This is taking off; my mom will be thrilled. I should note I cut off the part of the email where she asks if she should make a "butter board" and for us to vote on homemade Snickers, blueberry or raspberry cheesecake on Christmas. Nothing to promote - just have a Happy Holidays!"

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