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Son leaves mother in tears by gifting her dolls she wanted since childhood on her birthday

A son's heartfelt gift of cherished childhood dolls to his mother healed her inner child, rekindling precious memories and joy.

Son leaves mother in tears by gifting her dolls she wanted since childhood on her birthday
Cover Image Source: Instagram/@thegoodnewsmovement

Mothers sacrifice a lot for their children. From the moment they give birth to their kid, they nurture and provide for them. They endure many sleepless nights and put their needs aside, showcasing unwavering dedication. An Instagram page, Good News Movement - which goes on the platform by @goodnews_movement - shared a heartwarming clip of a son gifting his mother a set of dolls that she always wanted as a child. The son's heartwarming gesture goes a long way as the mother is overwhelmed with emotion while unpacking the toys. The caption reveals how the mother had wanted the dolls since she was a child and her son had decided to gift a whole set to her on her birthday, making it a truly unforgettable experience, "healing the inner child."

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At the beginning of the video, we see the mother opening up small boxes with the dolls, her eyes flowing with tears of happiness. She opens each box, assembles the doll inside and then lines them all up in a row. The video cuts to her picking up a yellow-colored doll and showing it to the camera. She then places the final piece into the row and adorably ensures they are in a line.


The son's heartwarming gesture had many people commenting on the post, which has now gained 1.1 million views and 55 thousand likes. chigal0421 commented, "I love watching an inner child heal. The way she lined them up and patted each one. Lovely." Another user, saraeleta, said, "We're all just big kids." Many people realized all the unfulfilled dreams they had as a child. nataliecsims said, "I should really get myself that puppy I never got as a kid! This video was the sign I needed, lol." brbrprr revealed information about the dolls, saying, "Those dolls are called Fofoletes and they were a fever in Brazil in the 80s."

In another story, a man named Joey Trombone gave an amazing gift by paying off his parent's house loan. In a video shared on YouTube, Joe is seen relaxing with his parents on the couch and he hands his mother an envelope without saying anything. The woman opens it up and begins reading it. She begins to tear up as soon as she realizes what he has done and hands his father the envelope as she embraces her son.


The father reads the envelope and tears up before all three embrace. Joseph, who is the founder of Videoshop, an editing software, said they were the reason for his success. Even though he knew he would not be able to return everything they had given him, but was determined to do as much as he could. On the same note, he also thanked them for everything they had done for him and his siblings.


From raising him to getting him through college, he was immensely grateful for everything they had done. In an even more wholesome gesture, he had checkboxes against everything they did, ticking each one off. The last one was for the mortgage on their house, which he closed for them. Children need to recognize the unsung heroes that are their parents and shower them with appreciation occasionally.

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