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Son gives brutally honest review of mom’s half marathon performance and it's cracking us up

The mom found, in an extremely hilarious way, that her son doesn't seem too impressed by her half-marathon accomplishment. 

Son gives brutally honest review of mom’s half marathon performance and it's cracking us up
Cover Image Source: Instagram/@lotsasmiles

Parenthood is a gift, sure, but sometimes kids can say the meanest and the funniest things. It's heartening to watch many parents build a flourishing support system for their parenthood journey on social media. Ashley Desanno, a mom of two, regularly shares updates about parenting with her TikTok community of more than a million people. A runner, she frequently posts about running marathons and has a lot of motivational content on her social media. The mom found, in an extremely hilarious way, that her son doesn't seem too impressed by her half-marathon accomplishment. 

The latest installment in a series she likes to call FTK, or F**k These Kids, has the internet in stitches. The video's caption reads, "FTK but also zero lies detected." Durham, the Portland mom's younger son, has something called "weekend news," a classroom activity for students to recap their weekend for the class. "My son had to do weekend news. That's where you write about your weekend and how it went," the 42-year-old Desanno shared in the video that's now going viral. 

Source: TikTok/@lotsasmiles
Source: TikTok/@lotsasmiles


"Sometimes there's a really cute little gem in there that's like 'I ate pizza with my mom' and it makes my heart happy. Well this week, you know what it said? 'My mom ran a half marathon. She did very well...for old people,'" Desanno shared her son's description. But the nine-year-old Durham wasn't through with his brutal weekend update, adding a very strange compliment. "'The bigger victory is she did not pee or poop her pants.' That's what it said," Desanno said. 

Durham is "the type of kid who doesn't use his folders," according to Desanno, so when she discovered his weekend review paper in his backpack, she was eager to read it. "I read it and was like 'Well, this is fantastic,'" she said to TODAY. "His teacher saw this, and he definitely read this to the people at his table."

Source: TikTok/@lotsasmiles
Source: TikTok/@lotsasmiles


The video, which has now garnered more than 250,000 views on TikTok and more than 15,000 likes, had mothers nodding their heads. TikTok user, Kaci Irene, commented, saying, "Where do kids come up with this stuff? 😂😅" User Natacook feels that her kids could have definitely done something like this, "🤦🏻‍♀️I can totally see my son writing something like this 😂." User Bibi said, "😳… 😂… kids say the darnedest things! 😂😂😂😂"

On Instagram too, the mom routinely shares updates with her 113K followers about annoying things one sees in their parenting journey. These range from children's meltdowns and tantrums to wholesome things that her kids do. The reel with the same video got over 155K views on Instagram, with many users sharing what they think of the incident. User @hers_isbeauty wrote, "Why are they allowed to just walk around casually inflicting elder abuse?!😭😂" while @jchapman09 commented, "Dying 😂 this is hilarious. Congrats of those accomplishments, you should be proud of yourself, your son definitely is 😂😂"

Source: TikTok/@lotsasmiles
Source: TikTok/@lotsasmiles


Another mom recently laughed at a funny thing her child did. Kim Baker's 19-year-old son loves making his 15-year-old sister laugh and would often pull off silly pranks to do so. For his sister's 13th birthday, he had decided to put in some extra effort and ended up writing the word "butt" on 200 small pieces of paper and hiding them around the house. Two years after the original butt prank, her son went off to college and they thought they won't hear of the prank again. However, Baker discovered a piece of paper with "butt" on it, hidden away in the family's remote control.

"It made me laugh and smile," Baker said. "It was like this nice little wave from him. He's gone, but there are always those little reminders." As for her son's response, she said, "I think he was kind of hoping that we would have like a catalog of the butts that were still missing." Baker said, laughing, "A butt spreadsheet."

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