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Son hilariously gets back at dad's girlfriend after she throws her seafood in his garbage can

The son, who already didn't like his dad's girlfriend, had to teach her a lesson when she threw her seafood in his kitchen garbage can in his absence.

Son hilariously gets back at dad's girlfriend after she throws her seafood in his garbage can
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Alex Favali, (R) Reddit | u/pescawn

The common saying, ‘What goes around comes around’ is known to all. Many believe that as you sow, so shall you reap. Sometimes it comes around just by fate and sometimes it comes around in the form of a well-hatched plan. u/pescawn shared how he came up with a hilarious plan to get back at his neighbor who also happens to be his dad’s girlfriend Clara. And it was quite a smelly one. The son shared a post about the inconvenience his dad’s girlfriend caused and he spared no effort to pay her back generously. 

Representative Image Source: Photo by:/Pexels
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Picquadio

The son mentioned that he and his dad lived on the same property but in different houses. They were neighbors but had keys to each other's houses as well. He posted, “My dad loved road trips, when he was given a money bonus at his work, he planned a trip and asked Clara to come with him.” He added, “To celebrate the bonus and the trip, they planned to eat a ‘cocimiento’ which consists of boiling seafood, meat and some other items cooked in white wine.” The man also mentioned that he had gone away for 3 days at the same time. What happens next might have you chuckling. 

Representative Image Source: Photo by:/Pexels
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Tejre Sollie


He said, “When I came back from my friend's house and opened the door, a stench smacked my nose. It came from the kitchen. I was sure that I left no garbage there, but when I looked at the can, there were a lot of seafood shells and other things stinking up everything.” We all have thoughts on who is the culprit here and so did u/pescawn. However, before he could bring his goofy side out, he confirmed his doubt. He mentioned that he spoke to his dad who was on his trip and asked him whether he had entered the kitchen while he was home. When his dad said he didn’t, he “took pictures of the stinking mess to be shown later.”

The son had to spend the evening cleaning up and finding ways to get rid of the stale seafood odor. Shrimp and clams and whatnot for 3 days in a closed space is as good as torture and coming home to it after a trip is not fun. However, he got his thinking cap on soon after and hatched a hilarious plan. He mentioned that he saw Clara’s car in the yard when the thought struck him. 

He went to the market and brought the same ingredients Clara did for their previous meal and that’s when the fun began. He continued to write, “Some clams under the seats. Some mussels in the trunk. Some shrimp in the vents of the air conditioner of the car. Everything was left in a closed car under the sun for three summer days. A lovely 4-wheeled oven.” This was him presenting karma in the most hilariously foul and disastrous way. Clara indeed had a whole seafood platter in her car baked in the heat of the sun for three long days. When Clara got back and went to her car, there was nothing but screams. When the man's dad heard of the incident, he laughed saying, “You both are adults, and you started this.” 

Representative Image Source: Photo by:/Pexels
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pavel Danilyuk


But the story didn’t end there. The son further mentioned, “To my delight, my Dad told me that it was only AFTER she cleaned the car insides, she turned on the air conditioner of the car and felt the wonderful smell of those hidden shrimp.” Commenters went wild at the thought of poor Clara. Karma hit her twice. u/Forsaken–Yak-7581 said, “Your dad is awesome. Clara is a ‘fishy’ individual.” u/Flcn16Mech commented, “This, is the way.” u/Firerain shared, “Sounds like you clara-fied your boundaries very well.” 

Image Source: Reddit/u/Iceman_001
Image Source: Reddit/u/Iceman_001


Image Source: Reddit/u/YaxK9
Image Source: Reddit/u/YaxK9

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