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Son acts as a waiter to surprise parents after 3 years and his mother tears up with joy

People can be heard singing, 'Happy birthday to you.' The son then hugs his father while his mom continues to cry. 

Son acts as a waiter to surprise parents after 3 years and his mother tears up with joy
Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/esberat

Family reunions are the best. People usually either get too emotional or are over joyous about meeting a family member after a long time. The surprised look on people's faces makes these family reunion videos worth a watch. In one such video posted on Reddit by u/esberat, a son acts as a waiter at a restaurant as his parents can be seen enjoying a meal. The overlay text reads, "My nurse brother went home from working in Ireland after 3 years and acted as a waiter to surprise our mom and dad."

Image Source: Reddit/ u/esberat
Image Source: Reddit/ u/esberat


The son has a mask on his face, which makes him almost unrecognizable. He comes to the table and serves a dish then he sits next to the mother with the tray. Meanwhile, his mom can be seen handing him the empty dishes and giving him some instructions. The other son, who is filming the video, says something to the mother and brother in their language. He removes his mask and hugs his mother. She is shocked to see him and starts crying immediately. During this time, people can be heard singing, "Happy birthday to you." The son then hugs his father while his mom continues to cry.
Image Source: Reddit/u/esberat


The video has over 10k upvotes on Reddit but was later removed from the platform. It is captioned, "This mother's reaction when she sees her son after a long time is so adorable." Many found the video wholesome and loved the mother's reaction. u/browngirlie5 commended, "Omg I'm bawling." u/bravetab wrote, "It is a lot more understated but you can see the happiness for dad too. The softness with which he hugs his son, avoiding direct eye contact because it might betray some tears... As a new dad, I get it now." u/lalasagna shared, "My mom is overseas and I often fantasize about doing something like this to her. But I also feel she would be too startled and shocked and could flip out." u/nearby_clothes_4582 wrote, "Hahaha I know these feels so happy for them obv love each other Miss my son he lives away and my family surprised me with him once recently he just appeared at my door This was my exact reaction lol."

In another beautiful reunion video, a son in uniform can be seen meeting his dad after a long time. The video starts with the mother massaging her husband's back. He says, "Thank you, good job." He suddenly sees his wife in the room and goes, "Wait a minute, who's there?" Meanwhile, his son was massaging his back. The dad tries to look back and then sees him. He says, "Patrick!" and hugs him. The son says, "It's so good to see you." 

Image Source: TikTok/ @Patrickbolton
Image Source: TikTok/ @Patrickbolton


His dad hugs him again and says, "I missed you so much! How long have you been here?" "Just this morning I got here," responds Patrick. The father seems emotional, wiping his tears and expresses, "I'm so happy to see you." Patrick then tells him, "We are going for barbeque in a couple of hours." He later kisses his son and says, "We are so glad to have you Patrick. We missed you so much." The video is captioned, "Coming from thousands of miles away, Dad had no idea I was right behind him." The video was posted on TikTok by @patrickbolton.

Image Source: Reddit/u/annie2918
Image Source: Reddit/u/annie2918

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