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Son impeccably recreates his father's modeling photos and everyone wants to know who his dad is

The father posed in the exact same way while his son did a fantastic job of capturing the same angles and expressions.

Son impeccably recreates his father's modeling photos and everyone wants to know who his dad is
Cover Image Source: Reddit/evedayis

For most of us, our parents are our first role models. A son decided to show his dad how much he looks up to him by recreating his old modeling photos. He asked his father to pose in the same way and took absolutely wonderful and accurate photos. The video was posted by u/eyedayis on Reddit and has gained almost 40k upvotes. In the video, the father can be seen dressing up and posing exactly as in his old photos. His son does a fantastic job of getting all the right angles and expressions.

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit/u/evedayis


This beautiful moment between the son and father left Reddit users feeling warm but many had several questions. One recurring question was about the identity of the handsome father. In the video, the son first shows the old picture to the camera and then goes ahead to recreate it almost accurately. It was revealed by several Reddit users that the man in question is actually Burton "Buzzy" Kerbox, the American surfer. "That’s Buzzy Kerbox! He and his family were clients of mine on Maui. Very nice people," commented u/LowInevitable2544

Another Reddit user, u/RespecDawn, said: "This is so damn satisfying because, in these recreation photos, the subjects often don't have their original poses. This guy is a professional and he nails every one of his former pics." u/OreoMochi commented, "For a while, I thought the son has grown much older and recreated the pictures his dad took when his dad was young. Took me a while to realize both models are the same person." 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit/u/evedayis

Another sweet father-son bond is displayed in the adorable story of a 4-year-old boy and his small dates with his father. This charming father-son date ritual has helped 4-year-old Luca cope with the huge shift of starting school, but his father now finds it "the best 15 or 20 minutes of [his] day" and will keep doing it for years to come, he told Good Morning America.

"Luca is very routine-oriented and when he's about to do something new that's the uncomfortable piece for him so we sort of made a couple of different stops on the way to school just to ease his way into it one of those stops being at this coffee shop that was right around the corner from us," the boy's father added. 


He added, "We actually don't even need to make the order anymore. They have my you know large cold brew [and] what they call a baby Chino which is just steamed milk and like a little to-go coffee cup. I can't imagine not doing it. My daughter goes to Pre-K three next year so I'll have two of them to do it with so maybe it'll take on a new life."

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