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Someone created a crochet Bernie Sanders doll and it is the cutest thing ever

The crochet artist had internet users going "awww..." on Friday when she posted photographs of a crocheted Bernie Sanders in all his mitten glory.

Someone created a crochet Bernie Sanders doll and it is the cutest thing ever
Cover Image Source: Facebook/Tobey Time Crochet

It's official, the Bernie Sanders inaugural look is the coolest thing in fashion right now. The Vermont senator served one of the most iconic Inauguration Day fashion moments on Wednesday, when he showed up to the event looking snug in a Burton winter coat and now-famous patterned brown mittens. Sanders' "grumpy chic" look was so out of left field that it inspired a plethora of memes on social media, providing some much-needed levity at the end of four years of restlessness and fear. While the internet edited the former presidential candidate into almost every pop-culture scenario imaginable, a crochet enthusiast hopped onto the trend in her very own, super cute way.



Tobey King, the brains and talent behind Tobey Time Crochet, had internet users going "awww..." on Friday, when she posted photographs of a crocheted Bernie Sanders in all his mitten glory. "I couldn't wait to share with you what I've been working on today! Bernie Sanders! So, I already had a Bernie Sanders pattern that I wrote a year ago and now I'm editing it to include the jacket and mittens! I saw on the news a reporter asked him about his mittens and you know what he said?? "Fashion?? Every American needs their $2,000 check!" I you Bernie," King wrote on Facebook, captioning two photos of her magnificent creation.


King's post quickly caught a lot of eyes on social media with many marveling over how spot on the crochet doll was the longtime politician. "I would LOVE to buy one of these for my son. He has worked tirelessly on Bernie's campaigns, flew to Iowa on his dime, knocked on thousands of doors and was a delegate for him. Our family is a big supporter of Bernie," commented Facebook user Angela Calabrese. "Omg! Are you like the Flash or something? When you crochet does time stand still?!?! So fast," wrote Beth Spindler.


King later posted better photographs of crochet Bernie on Facebook after updating the original doll with a blue mask like the one worn by Senator Sanders in his viral photos. Although many expressed interest in purchasing completed Bernie dolls, given the sheer volume of orders, it is unlikely that the crochet artist will be able to make handcrafted Bernie dolls for everyone. She has, however, put up the crochet pattern for sale on her Etsy store which you can purchase to make your own doll.


"Crochet your own Bernie Sanders doll! This pattern has many photos to help with all the details this doll is made with including hair, glasses, the mask, and mittens," the product description reads. "Bernie is approx 9" tall when completed. This doll is made to sit. (May need support). This pattern is for the beginner to intermediate crocheter who has some amigurumi experience and is familiar with how amigurumi is made and assembled. This doll is not intended to be a child's toy. Eliminate the use of wire and other choking hazards if making for a child," King explained.


Meanwhile, the woman who made the original Bernie mittens has also been bombarded with orders ever since the senator was spotted wearing the cozy-looking hand-knit "smittens" — part mittens, part sweater — on Inauguration Day. Vermont teacher Jane Ellis, who made them from repurposed wool sweaters and lined them with fleece from recycled plastic bottles, tweeted Thursday that she's the mittens are completely sold out. "Thanks for all the interest in Bernie's mittens! It truly has been an amazing and historic day! I'm so flattered that Bernie wore them to the inauguration," she wrote. "Sadly, I have no more mittens for sale. There are a lot of great crafters on ETSY who make them."

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