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Snoop Dogg hilariously explain how he fainted when he first met Pam Grier: 'My heart was beating'

Snoop Dogg has his humor on point with his story of how he reacted to seeing Pam Grier for the first time.

Snoop Dogg hilariously explain how he fainted when he first met Pam Grier: 'My heart was beating'
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @thejenniferhudsonshow

Everyone has that one moment in their lives when they meet someone whom they are infatuated with. They are so much in love with their look and personality and drooling head over heels as soon as their person walks into the room. Surprisingly, actors who are supposedly the ones people are infatuated with have also been on the other side of the spectrum. The groovy, amazing Snoop Dogg appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show and shared his jaw-dropping expression after meeting a star and it has us relating on a different level. The video shared the rapper and actor recalling the incident at the show.

Image Source: Snoop Dogg is seen on January 29, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by BLW Media/Star Max/GC Images)
Image Source: Snoop Dogg is seen on January 29, 2024, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by BLW Media/Star Max/GC Images)

He was speaking of his experience with the stunning Pam Grier for the very first time. As soon as a poster of the actor duo from the 2001 movie “Bones” appeared on the screen, Snoop Dogg immediately recalled the priceless moment. He added, “So we were doing this movie Bones and I was young Snoop. I was young at the time, right." He then mentioned that as soon as he knew he would be working with Pam Grier, he got all excited. He said,  “They told me I’m going to roll with Pam Grier, so I’m like, ‘I got Pam Grier,’” imitating a hysterical jumpy and happy dance. He then shared how he flew to Vancouver and met the woman he could not wait to see.

Image Source: Instagram| @jenniferhudsonshow
Image Source: Instagram| @jenniferhudsonshow

He added, “So I’m sitting there and Pam Grier comes and sits right next to me and starts talking to me." Jennifer Hudson then asked him the question on everyone’s mind. “What did you do?” To this, Snoop Dogg replied with the most innocent and adorable response. “My heart is beating fast, Jen,” he said. “My heart is beating fast,” he repeated as he imitated a rapid heartbeat sound hilariously. That was not all the actor had more to express, but did it in a humorously professional manner. He mentioned he listened to Pam Grier speak and excused himself for a minute. “I go to the bathroom and faint,” Snoop Dogg said as blatantly as possible. “You fainted for real?” Hudson asked. “I fainted for real. I’m lying on the ground. My security comes in, they’re like, ‘Get off this nasty floor man, what are you doing?’”

Image Source: Instagram| @jenniferhudsonshow
Image Source: Instagram| @jenniferhudsonshow

The rapper then added that he was smitten and just sat up and said to his security, “I just met Pam Grier.” He then got himself together with his security help and went and sat back throughout the flight. “I didn’t even look at her,” Snoop Dogg said. “She was talking to me and I’m like, ‘I just can’t believe who I’m sitting next to,’” he added. Pam Grier in all her experience, understood what the young actor was going through and spoke with him. “She gave me information on how to be a better actor, a better person and how to receive people like this whom you’re infatuated with,” Snoop Dogg said. “I thanked her for that and I believe I became a better actor because of that. So Pam, I love you for that and I appreciate that.” @a_2tha_ja said, “That's crazy to know that even stars still get star-struck over other legends.” @michaelbearden said, “Snoop has become a National treasure!”

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