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Smart dog teaches herself to wield a sword perfectly and is well on her way to 'world domination'

The dog parents shared the stages in which Lady Bean mastered the art of sword fighting and also revealed her next plan.

Smart dog teaches herself to wield a sword perfectly and is well on her way to 'world domination'
Cover Image Source: TikTok/@mistymountainlegends

Pets have the power to give you unconditional love and become your true companions through life. They become a part of the family and partake equally in their unique hobbies. Anna, Luke and their pet pooch Lady Pinto Bean, who have a page on TikTok and Instagram named @mistymountainlegends, shared a video showcasing how ther dog has picked up on one of their favorite pastimes and seems to be better at it than them. The pair featured in the video loves to have sword fights as "silly skits" and practice them for fun on a regular basis. They had never ever thought that their dog would also get involved in it. In a hilarious turn of events, Lady Pinto Bean picked up on a few tricks and now, is basically a master in sword fighting. Slowly and steadily, she has become a pro at it, and can now proficiently fight with her humans.

Image Source: TikTok/ @mistymountainlegends
Image Source: TikTok/ @mistymountainlegends


The video begins with the pet owners informing that they are about to answer one of their 'most-asked' questions "How did you train your dog to fight with a sword?" Their followers have always been keen to know how Lady Bean came to learn sword fighting, as it is not something dogs can typically do using their skill set. They went on to explain how they themselves are not entirely sure about how her skills or intentions developed. At first, she just watched her paw parents film "silly skits" using swords, and wanted to get involved. During those "silly skits," she used to just follow around her parents trying to take one of the sticks to join in the fun.

Image Source: TikTok/@mistymountainlegends
Image Source: TikTok/@mistymountainlegends


Thereafter, one day she got such an opportunity and barged in the skit with a stick in her mouth. Initially, she was able to chase around with the stick in her mouth. But, then as her talent grew her parents decided to give her a sword and she began performing exceptionally. In the words of her mother, "She decided to slay me and loot my body for my sword". The parents described that the training was not at all easy, Lady Bean had to spend hours observing the blade as well as its movements. She made every place her training ground, it did not matter whether it was a hall or a beach, her dedication knew no bounds.

Image Source: TikTok/ @frankthetank2419
Image Source: TikTok/ @frankthetank2419


Image Source: TikTok/ @gunny0201
Image Source: TikTok/ @gunny0201


Presently, her fighting partners are only her parents, whom she defeats easily without breaking a sweat. It is clear that she is not afraid of any opponent, whatsoever. In her mother's opinion, she would stop at nothing but "world domination" using her sword fighting skill. Lady Pinto Bean's talent also mesmerized viewers on Instagram. The comments section was as much in love with her tactics as her parents. inkalight_arts made some suggestions to make Lady Bean more proficient as a fighter, "Pup needs some custom doggo armor to complete their journey to defeat the monsters". thadeuhommer believes Lady Bean will be an amazing protector for the house with her skills, "Imagine someone going to this house and asking: she bites? And then the answer: no, she will slay you with her sword." gameofharmony finds Lady Bean's journey amazing, "The incredible story of an incredible swordsman!"

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