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Six kind strangers unite to help couple married for 42 years find their lost wedding ring

Six strangers come together to help a Michigan couple when the husband lost his wedding ring while doing work in their yard.

Six kind strangers unite to help couple married for 42 years find their lost wedding ring
Cover Image Source: YouTube | WLNS 6 News Screenshot

Wedding rings can be very easy to lose. Even if one is very careful, they can end up losing their wedding ring and not even be aware of it for a long time. Mary Ann and Joseph Novetske of Charlotte, a couple who have been married for an admirable 42 years, faced such an experience. In the early days of November, it dawned on Joseph that he was no longer in possession of his handcrafted wedding ring after he was done with yard work. Fortunately, six strangers turned up to help them find it, reports WLNS.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cosmin Gavris
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cosmin Gavris

Speaking of how he realized he lost his ring, Joseph said, "I came up toward the house and I realized my ring wasn't on my finger, and I didn't know when I lost it or where I lost it." The couple wanted to inform more people about the loss as they wanted to get the ring back and decided to make a post on social media. They were hoping that individuals with metal detectors would be able to help them find the ring.


Soon enough, six strangers came to their house with all the necessary equipment to find Joseph's missing ring. The group had metal detection devices and was sweet enough to pose with the sweet couple while they looked around the property. Mary Ann spoke about finally finding the ring in an interview on YouTube, saying, "I came in the house, and I heard this lady screaming, 'We found the ring!' and it was so cool." She further added that the woman was happier than the couple for being able to find the ring.


Mary Ann put up a celebratory post on Facebook stating that it was "God at work!" She shared that it was found amongst many leaves near the back fence row. She thanked the individuals, Joel, Paula, Kathy, Jim and Lisa, for finding their prized wedding ring. Mary Ann was astounded at the kindness of the strangers and the fact that they were willing to take time out to find their ring. She said that the entire experience "rekindled hope" within her.

Image Source: Instagram/@haileyoutside
Image Source: Instagram | @haileyoutside

In a similar example of strangers uniting for a good cause, a young boy was able to reunite with his beloved soft toy thanks to the kindness of people across different countries. A few days back, Hailey Terry (@haileyoutside) and her family were sad as they could not find their son's toy, Cutie. She said, "We took our kids to Paris and made a huge mistake. We left our son's special stuffed animal 'Cutie' in the AirBnb and didn't realize until we reached the airport." Terry shared many images to showcase just how much the boy was attached to his toy, which he kept with him while walking, eating and sleeping.

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A post shared by Hailey Terry | Utah Hiking, Camping, and Travel Mom (@haileyoutside)


Seeing how attached her son was, she decided to contact the host of the AirBnb who asked the cleaners to look for the toy. They were able to find it in good condition, but the host refused to ship it. The only option that the family had now was to hire a courier service, which would be very expensive. Terry decided to ask for help from her Instagram community to get the toy shipped. To her surprise, she received a very positive response.

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A post shared by Hailey Terry | Utah Hiking, Camping, and Travel Mom (@haileyoutside)


Anna Kloots reached out to her and said that she could help her with the situation. Terry said, "She didn't even follow me, but one of my followers had sent her my story and she came to our rescue." In the heartwarming video, we get to see the boy smiling as he opens up the package from the mail. He takes 'Cutie' out and holds onto the toy tightly. Terry spoke about the whole incident, saying, "I got hundreds of messages from people commiserating with me, reaching out to their local friends and missionaries, offering to have it shipped to their closer country and then ship it to me... It was all so kind."

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